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Hypnos Copthorne Ortho Cashmere Mattress
Individually handmade by master craftsman, the Orthos Cashmere mattress offers head-to-toe zonal support for exceptional comfort. The mattress itself is fitted with a three-zoned ReActive™ 10 pocket spring system, where every spring has 10 active turns which will help the mattress mould to your body while evenly distributing your weight.In addition to this, the Orthos Cashmere’s unique blend of...
Usual Price From £699.00
from £549.00
Hypnos Copthorne Ortho Silk Mattress
Every spring in this luxury mattress has eight active turns, allowing each spring to sense your shape and mould elegantly to your body – providing total figure and spinal support. Upholstered with layers of wool, silk and eOlus™ sustainable fibre, you can also expect a breathable mattress that will not only help to regulate your body temperature, but will also offer a soft, supportive mainframe...
Usual Price From £659.00
from £499.00

Hypnos Felbridge Pillow Top Mattress
The Hypnos Pillow Top Felbridge mattress combines the comfort of pocket springs with the luxury of having your mattress handmade to suit your tastes. Each and every spring within the mattress itself features eight active turns for perfectly distrusted support across your body and spine, while the medium firm rating will ensure a variety of sleepers are well-suited to what is a fabulously made mattress.All...
Usual Price From £889.00
from £649.00
Hypnos Copthorne Ortho Cashmere Divan Set
The Orthos Cashmere divan set combines the luxurious comfort of the Orthos Cashmere mattress with the extra support and firmer feel of a specially designed divan. Its platform top base comes with a variety of storage options for you to choose from, while the mattress will help to provide a great night’s sleep.Hypnos headboards and divans can be upholstered in a wide range of fabrics to match any...
Usual Price From £1159.00
from £849.00

Hypnos Copthorne Ortho Silk Divan Set
Offering a wide variety of deep set storage, Hypnos’ Ortho silk divan provides a platform top for sturdy, firm support. Its exquisite look is fashioned by master craftsman, ensuring a high quality look and design that’s sure to last for years to come.A massive range of fabric colours is available and will suit any interior setting, allowing you the flexibility of choice to create your own unique...
Usual Price From £1129.00
from £829.00
Hypnos Felbridge Pillow Top Divan Set
Hypnos’ Felbridge divan set will allow you to add extra storage to your bedroom without taking up too much space. The divan itself is immaculately designed to firmly support the Hypnos Felbridge mattress, while a variety of fabric options will help you to find something that matches your interior setting and personal tastes.All Hypnos products come with a 10 year guarantee
Usual Price From £1259.00
from £929.00