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Ardeche Box Coffee Table
The Ardeche Box Coffee Table features a deep storage compartment that will fulfil a practical purpose in your living room. Its chunky display is finished with a panelled design on either side and this will add a high quality feel to traditional settings.Primarily crafted from pine, this coffee table has been manufactured to be both affordable and sturdy, while its helpful storage compartment will keep...
Usual Price £649
Only £465.00
Ardeche Large 4 Drawer Coffee Table
The attractive Ardeche range combines plenty of variety with fabulous craftsmanship. Its multitude of options will allow you to find something to suit the size of your home, while contemporary features will help make the most of the space available.The Ardeche collection is primarily crafted from pine wood, but helpful modern features make the range a practical addition to the home.Dining chairs are...
Usual Price £555
Only £395.00

Ardeche Small Coffee Table
The Ardeche Small Coffee Table combines beautiful design features with a handy under-shelf storage for magazines, books, remotes and any other items you like to keep close at hand. Its smaller design means it’s easy to make the most of small spaces in cosy living rooms, while a solid primarily-pine structure will ensure your new coffee table stands the test of time.This affordable coffee table is...
Usual Price £335
Only £239.00
Aspen Coffee Table
The Aspen Coffee Table features two drawers on either side of the unit, and these come with both oak and chrome handles so you can adapt the look from time to time should you so wish. Either way, the solid oak top and immaculately painted structure offer a modern style that will suit just about any setting.The paint itself is an off-white finish and offers a more neutral tone, which is something that’s...
Usual Price £399
Only £285.00

Ava Rattan Grey Wash Storage Coffee Table
The Ava Rattan Storage Coffee Table is a statement piece that makes the most of functional storage and beautifully styled rattan material. The table is finished with a grey-wash top that will provide the perfect place to rest a cup of tea or coffee, while deep storage is lined with a soft material to help complete the look.Leather handles and authentic-looking hinges offer a more rustic feel that will...
Usual Price £425
Only £345.00
Avoca Dining Long Coffee Table with Shelf - LP2178
The Avoca Long Coffee Table with Shelf is a traditional piece that combines a cherry finish with handy under-shelf storage. Turned legs and intricate features provide a more bespoke look for your living room, while a Louis Philippe style brings luxury as well as substance.With practical storage underneath the table top, your new table will be free from the clutter that living room tables usually succumb...
Usual Price £505
Only £399.00

Barnwell Light Large Coffee Table
The Barnwell Light Large Coffee Table is a lighter and brighter version of the rustic oak, meaning this table is better suited to more modern settings. Its thin metal handles add to what is largely a contemporary feel, while two handy drawers will offer up a place for stray magazines and remote controls.Crafted from oak and oak veneer, the Barnwell Light Coffee Table showcases a natural style and accompanying...
Usual Price £349
Only £249.00
Barnwell Light Medium Coffee Table
The Barnwell Light Medium Coffee Table is a simple piece that will add practical storage to living rooms as well as a touch of style. Its handy under-shelf storage is best used for magazines, ornaments or books, while the smooth table top will provide the perfect place for a cup of tea or coffee.Crafted from oak and brought further with oak veneer, the wood’s natural grain really comes through for...
Usual Price £249
Only £175.00

Barnwell Light Small Coffee Table
The Barnwell Light Small Coffee Table has been manufactured for smaller living rooms and is best used where you haven’t got a lot of space to play with. Unlike other coffee tables from the same range, this table doesn’t have an under-storage shelf, but instead offers up a cleaner and more minimalistic look.The coffee table’s simple design showcases the wood’s natural grain which is certainly...
Usual Price £199
Only £135.00
Barnwell Rustic Oak Large Coffee Table
The Barnwell Rustic Oak Large Coffee Table has two drawers for extra living room storage. These drawers are fitted with thin metal handles that help the coffee table tie in with both modern and traditional settings, while a simple design overall makes this table the perfect addition to any home.More sizes of coffee table are available if you’re working with a smaller space, while the rest of the...
Usual Price £339
Only £225.00

Barnwell Rustic Oak Medium Coffee Table
The Barnwell Rustic Oak Medium Coffee Table is best suited to smaller spaces that could benefit from extra storage. If you’re into magazines and usually like to keep them close at hand, then the under-shelf storage is ideal for your needs – leaving the table top clutter-free for when you’re entertaining guests or tidying up.Perhaps the showpiece to this attractive range is the oak’s natural...
Usual Price £249
Only £149.00
Barnwell Rustic Oak Small Coffee Table
The Barnwell Small Coffee Table with Rustic Oak finish is all about simplicity. Its natural look and stripped back design provide a functional table on which to place your cup of coffee or tea – a must-have for any living room. With great reviews, you can also feel rest-assured that your new coffee table will make the grade.Accompanying furniture such as lamp tables and side tables will offer up...
Usual Price £175
Only £125.00

Bergen Coffee Table with Shelf and 2 Drawers
The Bergen Coffee Table with Shelf and Two Drawers offers practical storage for the living room – meaning it is ideal when you need to make the most of the space you have. Its Scandinavian-inspired design has been made from solid oak, and the impressive craftsmanship features intricate details that make this table suitable for modern settings.Aside from this particular coffee table, there are plenty...
Usual Price £755
Only £599.00
Bergen Solid Oak Coffee Table
The Bergen Coffee Table offers a simple, long table top on which to rest your drinks and magazines. Its slightly curved shape offers smooth lines that will seamlessly fit in with most modern settings, while thinner legs provide a more minimalistic look. The Bergen range itself has been inspired by Scandinavian design – bringing out the best of the wood’s natural grain and functional features.The...
Usual Price £599
Only £479.00

Bergen Solid Oak Drop Leaf Coffee Table
The Bergen Drop Leaf Coffee Table is suitable for homeowners who don’t have a lot of space to play with but need a coffee table for when guests visit. This drop leaf design means you can easily store your coffee table away when not in use, or use it as a convenient side table if you’d prefer. Either way, its solid oak structure showcases the wood’s natural grain for an authentic look that’s...
Usual Price £539
Only £429.00
Camden Coffee Table
The minimalist Camden Coffee Table features a solid oak table top and shelf for added storage but more importantly – a statement look that’s sure to make an impact. Its darker mid-tone finish is enhanced by a thin metal frame that doesn’t detract from the wood itself, which is 100% European solid oak.Additional items are available from the Camden collection if you want to finish the set, although...
Usual Price £499
Only £349.00

Caspian Coffee Table
The Caspian Coffee Table is a modern piece that will work well in contemporary settings. Tempered glass and stainless steel crossover legs provide a reflective surface that will give the illusion of more space while also reflecting light – ideal for darker living rooms that need a boost.This unique coffee table provides a stripped back feel but still leaves you with plenty of table space for a vase...
Usual Price £399
Only £299.00
Chartwell Coffee Table
The Chartwell Coffee Table is a unique piece that will bring charm and style to any living room. The table itself has four drawers on each side – counting a total of eight – that are charmingly designed to provide functional storage, but also add to the overall look of the table. So, while you’ll have plenty of additional space for magazines, books and remotes, the table top will remain clutter-free...
Usual Price £599
Only £449.00

Chateau Coffee Table
The Chateau Coffee Table has four drawers (two push and pull drawers that sit through the whole piece), as well as a shelf underneath the table top for additional storage and accessorising opportunities. And with cupped brass handles, this table offers as much style as it does substance and would suit rustic settings.Accompanying furniture is available from the Chateau range if you want to complete...
Usual Price £389
Only £275.00
Eclipse Coffee Table With Shelf - AUR2178
The Eclipse Coffee Table with shelf will suit just about any living room because of its neutral style and attractively simple look. This stripped back design offers under-shelf storage for accessories, magazines and anything you like to keep close at hand – whether you’re watching TV or socialising.The curved shape of the table provides a smooth finish and table top that will suit modern settings,...
Usual Price £785
Only £625.00

Elliot Coffee Table
The attractive Elliot Coffee Table has been designed purely for contemporary settings. Its ultramodern look is finished with a tempered glass table top and metal base, while the bright white gloss finish has a modern appeal that’s sure to impress.The coffee table has an almost sculpted design, which gives the piece a more impressive look – while accompanying furniture will help to complete the...
Usual Price £649
Only £475.00
Ercol Capena Coffee Table
The Capena Coffee Table from ercol is a magnificent piece that will work well in any modern home. Its turned legs and rounded softness showcase the expert craftsmanship with which the table has been created, while a slatted shelf offers additional space for magazines and newspapers.The well-proportioned design of the Capena Coffee Table offers up plenty of room for ornaments and cups of coffee or tea,...
RRP £420
Only £335.00

Ercol Romana Coffee Table - 2649
The Romana Coffee Table from ercol is all about simplicity – but it does have a bit of a hidden secret, which is the top slides back to reveal additional storage. This table is ideal for anyone who doesn’t like under-shelf storage or drawers, but could do with some extra space in which to keep some magazines or a newspaper or two. Either way, the design of the table itself is very appealing in...
RRP £795
Only £635.00
Ercol Windsor Coffee Table
The Windsor Coffee Table from ercol is a popular piece because of its distinctive solid ash top; a table top that beautifully showcases the wood’s natural properties and grain. Newspapers and magazines can be stored on the shelf underneath, which helps to make the most of the unit as a whole.The table itself is available in various finishes for different looks – and depending on your personal tastes...
RRP £1,065
Only £849.00

Ercol Windsor Supper Table with Lifting Top
The Windsor Supper Table from ercol combines living room meals with an easy-to-use lifting table top – ideal for those who don’t like eating from plates on their lap. This table allows you to easily enjoy a warming meal from the comfort of your sofa and watching your favourite TV show, while also providing all the function you’d expect from a traditional coffee table.A shelf underneath provides...
RRP £1,670
Only £1,335.00
Henley Grey Large Coffee Table
The Henley Grey Large Coffee Table features four drawers – two on either side – for extra living room storage. Its attractive design includes a lime-washed oak top which offers the perfect place for an ornament or to simply hold your cup of coffee or tea, while sculpted legs provide a contemporary touch for modern homes.The coffee table is finished with chrome handles but there is an option to...
Usual Price £525
Only £299.00

Henley Grey Small Coffee Table
The Henley Grey Small Coffee Table is small enough to manoeuvre into compact spaces, while also offering extra storage with a handy shelf underneath. Here you can store magazines, newspapers and other objects, while a lime-washed oak top adds character to what is otherwise an attractive and neutral table.Best suited to sitting in front of smaller sofas, this particular coffee table has a beautifully...
Usual Price £315
Only £175.00
Henley White Large Coffee Table
The Henley White Large Coffee Table has a range of attractive features to help you turn your living room into a focal point for the home. Its additional storage comes in the form of two spacious drawers where you can keep magazines and newspapers, while a lime-washed oak top makes up the table itself.Chrome handles comes as standard but aged brass handles are available for a small surcharge of £2.50....
Usual Price £525
Only £299.00

Henley White Small Coffee Table
The Henley White Small Coffee Table offers a handy shelf for extra storage of newspapers and magazines, as well as any objects you like to keep close at hand – leaving the table top clear for cups of tea and any accessories. Best for smaller living rooms and to sit in front of compact sofas, this coffee table will fit in easily with both modern and more rustic settings.Sculpted legs and a lime-washed...
Usual Price £315
Only £175.00
Highbury Large Coffee Table with Drawer
The Highbury range is one of our most popular, and the Highbury Large Coffee Table (with drawer) is the perfect way to bring a bit of style to the home. Its chunky design and handy storage means you’ll receive a good deal of substance as well as style, and means you can easily store away your remotes, magazines and newspapers when not in use.The design itself has been crafted from solid oak and is...
Usual Price £499
Only £299.00

Highbury Medium Coffee Table
The Highbury Medium Coffee Table is all about simplicity. Its handy shelf storage offers a place for magazines and newspapers, allowing you to keep the table top clear. And with this practical design comes a stylish natural look – one that showcases the timber’s natural properties and grain.The coffee table has been crafted from solid oak and has been made stronger with oak veneers, before being...
Usual Price £349
Only £215.00
Highbury Small Coffee Table
The Highbury Small Coffee Table has been designed for smaller homes where space is an issue. Its simple design helps you to make the most of that space by offering a usable table top and additional shelving for the storage of magazines, newspapers and any other bits you like to keep close at hand.The table itself has been crafted from solid oak before being made stronger with oak veneer – which reinforces...
Usual Price £275
Only £169.00

Indie Coffee Table
The Indie Coffee Table is an eye-catching piece that will suit modern settings with its oak table top and chunky steel legs. And with plenty of table space, it’s easy to house ornamental pieces as well as your coffee table regulars; beverages, nibbles and magazines. Having said that, the Indie Coffee Table’s main appeal is its quirky design and statement like features – meaning it’s perfect...
Usual Price £549
Only £349.00
Indie Small Coffee Table
The Indie Small Coffee Table is exactly the same as the larger version – just smaller so it will fit into more compact spaces and apartments. Its attractively modern design will suit contemporary settings and homes, while a practical oak table top adds character and a place to keep the essentials – aka a warming cup of coffee.Whatever you plan on using your coffee table for, you’ll always be...
Usual Price £449
Only £275.00

Jacob Large Coffee Table
The Jacob Large Coffee Table provides extra functionality and better living room storage. Its single drawer extends much of the width of the table, meaning you’ll have plenty of space for magazines, newspapers and any other items you like to keep close at hand.A handy shelf will also allow you to store extra bits and pieces, leaving the table top clear for displaying ornaments or holding your cup...
Usual Price £699
Only £519.00
Katrine Coffee Table
The Katrine Coffee Table has been fashioned in a modern design that is minimalistic in appearance as well as contemporary. Its glass top is complemented by a stylish square framework on either side.This simple coffee table’s main appeal is the clear glass top that sits atop two square legs. Glass furniture can often provide the illusion of more space, while the table’s reflective surface will help...
Usual Price £225
Only £149.00

Kesterport Rings Coffee Table
The Kesterport Rings Coffee Table is a uniquely designed piece that features to table tops that swivel on two central rings. The glass tops are made from toughened glass and the framework has been fashioned from polished stainless steel – providing a striking look that’s sure to impress.This coffee table is more of a statement piece that offers added functionality through its swivel mechanism....
RRP £949
Only £699.00
Lamont Coffee Table
The Lamont Coffee Table features signature turned legs and a curved table top, while the table itself is available in a range of different finishes – which means it’s easy to adapt the look should you so wish. The sturdy table top provides plenty of space for ornamental pieces and as a placeholder for drinks and food, while the width of the piece itself will sit better in front of larger sofas.This...
Usual Price £705
Only £559.00

Lancaster Coffee Table
The Lancaster Coffee Table features a single drawer for practical storage of newspapers, magazines and remote controls, while a handy shelf offers extra space for other items you like to keep close at hand. The table displays indented panels around the sides as well as a solitary brass cup handle.The table itself has been crafted from French oak and showcases a knotted appearance for a more natural...
Usual Price £545
Only £435.00
Long Island Truffle 2 Drawer Coffee Table Oak Top
The Long Island Truffle Two Drawer Coffee Table comes with shelf and drawer storage – allowing you to keep the clutter at bay and the table top clear. Either way, it’s easy to keep magazines, newspapers and remote controls tucked away when not in use, while various handle options allow you to alter the appearance of the Long Island collection.The table itself features an oak top which is very much...
Usual Price £645
Only £479.00

Long Island Truffle Coffee Table Oak Top
The Long Island Truffle Coffee Table comes with a handy shelf for extra living room storage where it’s needed. The piece is finished with a classy oak top that will fit in with most settings, while the table’s truffle finish provides a neutral base from which to layer up your accessories.Whether you’re using your new coffee table for extra storage or just need somewhere to place an ornament or...
Usual Price £539
Only £399.00
Maiden Oak Coffee Table with 2 Drawers
The Maiden Oak Coffee Table features two storage drawers to help you keep the clutter at bay in the living room. Its handy shelf will also provide a place for magazines as well as other bits and pieces, while chrome-style handles add a contemporary touch for the perfect blend of modern and traditional.The table itself has been treated with a light lacquer for extra protection against spills, and dovetailed...
Usual Price £499
Only £249.00

Malmo Coffee Table - WN204
The Malmo Coffee Table features two drawers for additional storage where it’s needed most – the living room. And with extra space for magazines, newspapers and remotes, it’s easy to keep the table top clear for ornamental items and coffees or teas.The table itself has been manufactured to a high standard; with dovetailed joints and artfully applied oak veneer – which has been added to a solid...
Usual Price £689
Only £549.00
Merlin Circular Coffee Table
The Merlin Circular Coffee Table showcases a statement design; one that will make an impact in any living room. Its glass top has a bevelled edge and a beautifully-made metal framework completes the table in what is a collaboration of modern materials.The glass itself is tempered for extra strength, and glass furniture generally creates the impression of extra space while reflecting natural light –...
Usual Price £475
Only £349.00

Nathan Classic Burlington Coffee Table - 5434
Teak Burlington cross banded top coffee table with drawer and storage space underneath the table top.Nathan has been a respected name in furniture for more than eighty years. They use solid timbers combined with the best quality veneers to the highest specifications. You expect the best and Nathan provides it!  Nathan's eye-catching Classic Range blends timeless design outstanding comfort and superior...
Usual Price £699
Only £559.00
New England Coffee Table
The New England Coffee Table from Stag has a unique look that will add both storage and aesthetic appeal to your living room. Its handy shelf is slatted for design purposes but will hold stray magazines and newspapers, while a clear table top is perfect for ornaments, lamps or simply keeping your tea or coffee where it’s needed – close at hand.Additional furniture from the same range will help...
RRP £705
Only £559.00

New Everglades Coffee Table - MD13
The New Everglades Coffee Table is a simple piece of furniture that will add a pleasant and characterful look to your living room. Its dark appearance has been enhanced by a soft lacquer, which brings out the wood’s best features and protects the timber from spillages.Crafted from mango wood, this particular range has a rustically unique look that will suit just about any modern setting. And with...
Usual Price £389
Only £275.00
New Everglades Storage Coffee Table - MD15
The New Everglades Storage Coffee Table comes complete with two storage drawers for extra bits and pieces you like to keep close at hand. Its attractive dark finish has been applied with a soft lacquer that helps to protect the wood from spillages, while keeping a smooth and clean exterior.Olde-worlde metal handles complete the look and help the coffee table to fit in well with country-styled and modern...
Usual Price £809
Only £575.00
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More About Our Living Room Tables

Tables come in various shapes and sizes, so it’s important to take into account the kind of table you’re after. Whether it’s a coffee table to house your magazines and remotes, a side table to keep at the end of your sofa or a nest of tables for added convenience when you need a little more table space – we’ve got plenty of options to help you find what you need. And with many in stock or on display, be sure to pop in store or give us a call – we’ll be more than happy to help.

  • Coffee Tables

Perhaps the most obvious table to add to your living room, coffee tables offer everything from storage to an accent for your sofa. And while you’ll find a range of painted, wooden and glass options, you can easily browse through the variety on offer for a table that provides storage, more table space and quirky styles, too.

  • Side Tables & Lamp Tables

Often purchased as part of a set, our living room side tables double up as lamp and telephone tables, too. It depends on your exact requirements but whether you need added storage, a space to place a lamp or just need something to accent your furniture – side tables are an easy, cost-effective option that’s worth looking into. And if you're not aware of the transformative power of side tables, then make sure you check out our guide on how to decorate them!

  • Nest of Tables

Nests of tables are bought for one main purpose: to increase table space in the living room. But although these tables are pretty straight forward, there are plenty of options and styles to choose from amid our collection. Whether you’re in need of a modern furnishing or something a little more traditional – you can easily find what you’re looking for right here.

  • Telephone Tables

With most people taking to using just their mobiles and not installing telephones, you’d be forgiven for thinking telephone tables don’t have a role to play in modern homes. However, telephone tables are small enough that they won’t take up too much room, but will also provide the opportunity to accessorise. Browse through our full collection for a table that suits you.

Modern & Contemporary Living Room Tables

 You can find a huge collection of traditional, modern and contemporary coffee tables to create the living room of your dreams. Materials such as glass, metal, reclaimed wood make up much of our contemporary range, while quirky designs provide a lifting feel for any home.

Accenting Your Furniture

It’s not always easy to find a living room table set that will accent your sofa and chairs while providing added functionality. However, we offer a number of matching sets that will easily tie in with most living room settings, whereas many painted options showcase neutral tones for better coordination.