How To Decorate A Bookcase: 6 Actionable Tips

The days of using a bookcase simply to store books are firmly behind us with modern interior design. And while many of you will be happy to do just that, there are a variety of ways to integrate your shelving more seamlessly into your design as a whole. So, let’s get into some of these bookcase decorating ideas.

1. Vary Scale and Height

The most obvious place to start is with the assembly of the books themselves. While books are usually displayed upright and in a line, stacking them instead will offer a different dynamic to the style as a whole. By stacking books and displaying ornaments, photos or treasured items on top of the stack, you can easily transform your bookcase into a quirky style element.

2. Show Off your Passions

And we’re not just talking about reading as a passion here; we’re talking about family photos, sporty items and cultural pieces that would otherwise be stored away in a cupboard or drawer somewhere. Treat your bookcase as an opportunity to show off your passions – it will help create a more homely and personal feel to a room.

3. Colour Code

There are various ways to organise your collection but trying this method will help to add a touch of colour to a room. Grouping colours together is easier on the eye – and if you don’t have space for displaying ornaments and other items, we’d recommend giving this a try. This novel way to display your reading material will result in colourful accents while keeping the space functional.

4. Create a Bar

The theme behind this idea is to create a multi-purpose space to utilise your bookshelves in other ways. But taking a bar as an example, displaying your alcohol and giving your bookcase some sparkle with crystalware and glass is a great way to do something different. And if you’re a dab hand at cocktails – there are few better ways to show off your skills this Christmas.

5. Sparkle and Shine

We’ve touched on this idea already but adding china, glasses and precious metals to your bookcase is a concept worth mentioning in its own right. A sparkly bookcase will draw the eye of guests and visitors – helping to highlight your collection of books and ornaments. Using a mirror on shelves can also help to make the most of natural light by reflecting sunshine and lamp light.

6. Lighting

Those who enjoy reading sometimes strive to create their own reading nook somewhere in the home. And this is where lighting plays a big role in helping to provide light as well as an attractive display. In the absence of a window or powerful light source, adding a lamp or reflective materials to or near a bookshelf will turn your dim reading space into a comfortable retreat for when you want to read.

So there you have it, six actionable bookcase display ideas. Fancy trying some of these ideas out? Don’t forget to take a picture and send it in to us – we’d love to see how you’re getting on.

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1st December 2017

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