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Fine Bedding Dual Layer Mattress Topper
The Fine Bedding Dual Layer Topper adds an extra layer of comfort to your mattress. Its 100% polyester filling offers both practicality and comfort, with the topper much easier to wash, hypo-allergenic and simple to use. The topper comes with elastic straps for easy and secure application.Features:Zip constructionExtra layer of comfortDual layerHypo-allergenic35cm Elastic straps
RRP From £90
From £75.00

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Knightsbridge Fitted Mattress Protector
The Knightsbridge Fitted Mattress Protector ? made by Slumberfleece ? is fully elasticated for a secure fit. Its quilted cover will keep you cool in summer and provide a layer of insulation in winter, while having a soft and comfortable layer between you and the mattress will aid sleep and prolong the life of your mattress.Features:Stain and moisture resistantIdeal for all seasonsEasy to wash ? no...
RRP From £20
From £12.00

Slumberfleece Cotton Mattress Protector
The Slumberfleece Cotton Mattress Protector features a percale cotton cover with a pure cotton filling. This luxury material provides a breathable night’s sleep with a comfortable cotton filling delivering a soft and cushioned feel that’s sure to please.Features:Naturally breathableLuxury Natural MaterialsSoft cotton fillingMachine washable and non-allergenic
RRP From £45
From £35.00
Slumberfleece Luxury Anti-Allergy Mattress Protector
Slumberfleece?s Luxury Anti-Allergy Mattress Protector features a Hygiene Plus protected filling that?s proven to inhibit dust mites, certain moulds and bacteria ? ideal for anyone who suffers with allergies while also providing your new mattress topper with anti-bacterial properties. The mattress topper itself has a luxurious polycotton cover for added comfort and a softer touch.Features:Unique Hygiene...
RRP From £30
From £19.00

Slumberfleece Waterproof Mattress Protector
Slumberfleece’s Waterproof Towelling Mattress Protector is 100% cotton pile and a breathable, waterproof underside sets this mattress topper apart from others on display. The waterproof protection protects your mattress from liquid and spills – helping to prevent the build-up of bacteria on the mattress itself. An elasticated skirt acts in a similar fashion to a fitted sheet.Features:100% Cotton...
RRP From £30
From £19.00

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