Pocket Sprung Mattresses

You’ll find our best pocket sprung mattresses below and with a wide range to choose from, there’s something for all budgets and tastes. All of our mattresses come from well-known, established brands that have proven themselves as some of the best mattress suppliers in the UK.

From Single to King Size Pocket Sprung Mattresses

All of our mattresses come in various sizes, with all standard sizes available throughout our collection.

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Adagio Mattress
Single: 3ft (90cm) Small Double: 4ft (120cm) Double: 4ft6 (135cm) King: 5ft (150cm) Super King: 6ft (180cm)
RRP From £1,665
From £1,219.00
Broadway Mattress
The Myers Broadway 1600 is comprised of four natural layers; tree silk, cashmere, silk and wool – making the mattress ideal for keeping your body cool and drawing heat away. Its 1600 pocket springs ensure optimal comfort and an eight year guarantee on the mattress itself provides peace of mind for new users.The Broadway 1600 has been made in the UK and is a no-turn mattress, meaning it’s easy maintenance...
RRP From £1,069
From £499.00

Burford Mattress
The Sweet Dreams Burford bed is available as a full set or as just a mattress – depending on your requirements. Either way, its unique design features aloe-vera-infused fabric for a healthy and comfortable feel, while its four handles allow for easy manoeuvrability and rotation. The mattress is a no-turn mattress and comes with a one year guarantee, and showcases a modern quilting design.Two chrome...
RRP From £256
From £179.00
Charlbury Mattress
The Myers Charlbury 1800 mattress features the MyCool layer for a comfortable night’s sleep, while 1800 pocket springs offer exceptional support all night long. Layers of cashmere, bamboo, tree silk and wool help to alleviate the body of excess heat during sleep, and an eight year guarantee will give you peace of mind when shopping from this wonderful range.This mattress is non-turn for easy long-term...
RRP From £1,139
From £549.00

Copthorne Ortho Silk Mattress
Every spring in this luxury mattress has eight active turns, allowing each spring to sense your shape and mould elegantly to your body – providing total figure and spinal support. Upholstered with layers of wool, silk and eOlus™ sustainable fibre, you can also expect a breathable mattress that will not only help to regulate your body temperature, but will also offer a soft, supportive mainframe...
Usual Price From £1,002
From £499.00
Hypnos Copthorne Ortho Cashmere Mattress
Individually handmade by master craftsman, the Orthos Cashmere mattress offers head-to-toe zonal support for exceptional comfort. The mattress itself is fitted with a three-zoned ReActive™ 10 pocket spring system, where every spring has 10 active turns which will help the mattress mould to your body while evenly distributing your weight.In addition to this, the Orthos Cashmere’s unique blend of...
Usual Price From £1,038
From £539.00

Hypnos Felbridge Pillow Top Mattress
The Hypnos Pillow Top Felbridge mattress combines the comfort of pocket springs with the luxury of having your mattress handmade to suit your tastes. Each and every spring within the mattress itself features eight active turns for perfectly distrusted support across your body and spine, while the medium firm rating will ensure a variety of sleepers are well-suited to what is a fabulously made mattress.All...
Usual Price From £1,062
From £679.00
Kaymed Mighty Alpine Mattress
Single: 3ft (90cm) Small Double: 4ft (120cm) Double: 4ft6 (135cm) King: 5ft (150cm) Super King: 6ft (180cm)
RRP From £1,035
From £599.00

Messina Mattress
The Sealy Messina 1400 is best known as Which Magazine’s Best Buy Mattress – and it’s easy to see why. 1400 pocket springs are combined with a luxurious pillow top for added comfort and softness, while a deep layer of latex helps the mattress to conform to the contours, weight and shape of the user – providing adequate support for the whole body.Latex is naturally hypoallergenic and anti-microbial,...
RRP From £1,173
From £649.00
New Royal Backcare 1000 Mattress
The New Royal Backcare 1000 contains that exact number in pocket springs – roughly 30% of which have been manufactured using high quality recycled steel. And while you can expect plenty of comfort from this desirable range, the luxurious wool filling will provide a more temperate feel across the changing seasons; the natural material helping to draw excess body heat away.This is a non-turn mattress...
RRP From £399
From £299.00

New Royal Backcare 1400 Mattress
Sleepeezee’s New Royal Backcare 1400 Mattress combines convenience with comfort in equal measure. Not only is the mattress great value for money, but it’s also been engineered so that there’s no need to turn it – making it easy maintenance for those who’d prefer it that way. Firm pocket springs are individually pocketed for maximum comfort and the mattress itself has been hand-tufted, so...
RRP From £1,099
From £349.00
New Royal Backcare 2000
The most luxurious mattress from the New Royal Backcare range, the 2000 contains that exact number in pocket springs. Its firm and durable supportive system provides a huge amount of comfort for all types of sleeper, while natural fillings such as wool and cashmere will help to draw excess heat away from the body – for a more comfortable sleep overall.This is an easy care mattress and does not require...
RRP From £1,199
From £475.00

Oxford Mattress
The Sweet Dreams Oxford mattress provides great value as well as exceptional comfort. Its traditionally-tufted design and 800 pocket springs combine to offer up ample support to the user, while four handles allow for easy rotation and two vents make sure you’ll stay cool during the warmer months. The Oxford is a no-turn mattress but should be rotated periodically.We recommend trying any mattress...
RRP From £285
From £199.00
Pescara Mattress
The Sealy Pescara mattress combines 1200 pocket springs with a further 1400 mini pocket springs on top – which adds extra comfort where it’s most important. A patented unicase design surrounds the springs and provides edge to edge support, while multiple zones within the mattress help align your spine by individually responding to your body.There’s no need to turn the Sealy Pescara, making it...
RRP From £1,008
From £739.00

Woodstock Mattress
The Woodstock mattress from Sweet Dreams combines an elegant 1000 pocket spring system with a memory foam layer for added comfort - as well as a luxury knit top. The mattress includes four handles for easy rotation and two built-in vents for breathability in the warmer months. The Woodstock is a no-turn mattress, so there’s only a need to rotate the item after periodic use.We recommend trying any...
RRP From £356
From £249.00