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Barnwell Light Bedroom Stool
The Barnwell Light Dressing Stool makes the perfect addition when buying the set or if you have existing furniture of a similar colour. The cushioned seat is comfortable and comes in a beige colour – which sits well with most styles and colours of furniture. The stool’s structure has been made from oak and the wood itself has been lime-washed for a lighter finish.A matching dressing table and gallery...
Usual Price £125
Only £79.00
Barnwell Rustic Oak Dressing Stool
The Oakley Rustic Stool will suit neutral settings and those who already have oak furniture in their bedroom. Its natural appearance is enhanced by a comfy padded seat, while the timber itself shows clearly the wood’s natural grain. The structure has been fashioned from oak and this gives the stool a rustic feel that will work well among country interior designs.Matching furniture comes in the form...
Usual Price £125
Only £79.00

Chartwell Stool
The Chartwell Stool has a distinctively rustic look that brings out the best of the natural materials used. A comfy cushion comes in a neutral tone and is fitted to the structure, and the stool itself will easily slot underneath most sizes of dressing table when not in use. The stool has been manufactured from oak and the wood’s natural graining can be easily seen – so we’d recommend combining...
Usual Price £125
Only £89.00
Malmo Stool WN32
The Malmo Stool is a high quality piece that showcases the natural qualities of solid oak and oak veneer, while a comfortable upholstered seat gives you a convenient spot for getting ready. The stool is shaped in a way that will allow you to easily slot it underneath your dressing table when not in use – perfect for smaller bedrooms where it’s necessary to save on space.Matching furniture is available...
Usual Price £259
Only £199.00

Oakley Limed Stool
The Oakley Limed Bedroom Stool has a simple design that has been made for the dressing table and mirror of the same range. The compact appearance will easily slot away when not in use and the comfy seat will provide a spot for you to get ready before heading out – perfect for the modern homeowner.The stool itself has been made from oak and the timber is lime-washed to give the piece a lighter appearance....
Usual Price £105
Only £69.00
Oakley Rustic Stool
Similar to our popular Highbury range, the Oakley instead offers a lighter oak finish and a slightly more rustic feel. The range itself is crafted from solid oak and oak veneers, while stylish contemporary features will allow for easy and practical use throughout the home.Our Oakley collection has been designed to tie in with modern living, but also to offer plenty of character through its natural...
Usual Price £135
Only £95.00

Soho Stool
The Soho Dressing Stool is an affordable piece to add to your dressing table set. Its attractive look is simple and refined, showcasing the wood’s natural graining and offering a comfy padded seat. The seat is fashioned from PU leather and provides a soft touch for added comfort when getting ready.The stool’s structure has been manufactured from oak and a light lacquer is applied to bring out the...
Usual Price £155
Only £79.00
Willis & Gambier Charlotte Bedroom Chair
The Charlotte Bedroom Chair from Willis & Gambier sits somewhere in between a chair and a stool. Its padded seat and front legs are more like a stool but the narrow back support and back legs are somewhat unique in design. However, the individual look and crafted features are what draws the eye when seeing the piece in front of you – much of which has taken inspiration from French period furniture.The...
RRP £319
Only £235.00

Willis & Gambier Charlotte Stool
The Charlotte Stool from Willis & Gambier takes what is usually a simple design and adds an abundance of style. Its French-inspired look showcases embossed carvings that catch the eye and in turn, help to accentuate the stool’s natural features. You can easily see the wood’s natural graining and bowed legs finish the stool.This dressing stool has been fashioned from solid oak and oak veneers...
RRP £269
Only £199.00
Willis & Gambier Grace Stool
The Grace Stool from Willis & Gambier features a patterned upholstered seat that will add comfort and contrast to your bedroom setup – suiting most settings and interior designs. Its light oak tones add a natural feel on top of this and you can easily see the wood’s natural graining and colour, which can be enhanced by purchasing accompanying items such as the dressing table and mirror.All...
RRP £259
Only £189.00

Willis & Gambier Lyon Bedroom Chair
The Lyon Bedroom Chair from Willis & Gambier has an eye-catching design that will provide comfort as well as a convenient spot in which you can get ready for the day. The lighter look comes from solid oak and oak veneers, and this will help to complement both modern and more naturally-focused settings.Having been fashioned from quality materials, the Lyon Bedroom Chair has a rich and authentic...
RRP £479
Only £349.00
Willis & Gambier Lyon Stool
The Lyon Bedroom Stool from Willis & Gambier has a simple design that will easily slot away when not in use – making it suitable for smaller bedrooms where it’s necessary to sometimes save on space. The padded seat is upholstered in a neutral fabric, while the golden tones of the wood itself will work well in contemporary and modern settings.The stool has been fashioned from solid oak and oak...
RRP £179
Only £135.00

Willis & Gambier Tuscany Bar Stool
The Willis & Gambier Tuscany bar stool will bring elegance as well as charm to the kitchen. Offering comfort as well as style, the upholstered seat will help to inspire relaxation in an area of the house that is known for getting a little busy.Being crafted from grade three FSC certified timbers, you can also look forward to leaving a long lasting impression, one that's sure to last for years to...
RRP £249
Only £185.00
Willis & Gambier Tuscany Bedroom Stool
The Tuscany Bedroom Stool from Willis & Gambier provides a natural charm that will stand the test of time. Its timeless design is simple and will fit easily underneath your dressing table to save on space, while the natural structure offers character to country settings and other interior designs.The stool is best used in conjunction with the full dressing table set from Willis & Gambier’s...
RRP £229
Only £165.00

Woodley Stool
The Woodley Stool has been designed to sit alongside or underneath the dressing table of the same range. Its cushioned seat offers plenty of comfort when getting ready to head out, while a neutral colouring will tie in well with a wide range of furniture sets. The slim legs have a Scandinavian-inspired style that will work best in contemporary, modern settings.Matching furniture includes storage as...
Usual Price £175
Only £99.00