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New England 2 Door BookcaseNew England 2 Door Bookcase
New England 2 Door Bookcase
The New England Two Door Bookcase from Stag is larger than the alternative from the same range. It holds more books while also featuring two doors concealing additional storage – both of which are panelled for a more aesthetically pleasing look. All in all, this bookcase is best suited to offices or any dedicated space in the home for DVDs, books or CDs.Additional furniture from the same range completes...
RRP £1,339
Only £999.00
New England BookcaseNew England Bookcase
New England Bookcase
The New England Standard Bookcase from Stag Furniture provides storage for books, CDs and DVDs. Its handy shelves mean you’ll have ample room for all of this without taking up too much space, and a clear top can be utilised for additional accessories such as flowers or lamps for a more personal look in the home.Whether you’ll be furnishing the living, dining room or office with your new bookcase,...
RRP £835
Only £625.00