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Barnwell Light Lamp Table
The Barnwell Light Lamp Table features a handy drawer for storage of smaller items. And the table itself has been finished in an on-trend light lacquer that helps to protect the timber while giving the table its uniquely light appearance. A shiny metal handy finishes the table and helps the range as a whole fit into contemporary settings.Matching furniture is available throughout our collection and...
Usual Price £159
Only £115.00
Barnwell Light Side Table
The Barnwell Light Side Table features a single shelf and table top for added display storage, allowing you to show off accessories and keep you cuppa close at hand. The compact design makes the table suitable for just about any size of living room and having a table at each end of the sofa is an affordable and easy solution to your table space needs.Matching furniture is available throughout the Barnwell...
Usual Price £149
Only £99.00

Barnwell Rustic Oak Corner Shelf Unit
The Barnwell Rustic Oak Corner Shelf Unit is a handy addition to make to your home. Its design will slot neatly into the corner of any room – saving you space and also serving your display needs. With the shelves and top you’ll be able to easily showcase your favourite flowers, photos and ornaments, while the compact design will work wonders in smaller abodes.Matching furniture will help you to...
Usual Price £149
Only £99.00
Barnwell Rustic Oak Lamp Table
The Barnwell Rustic Oak Lamp Table consists of a single drawer for keeping the important things close at hand. Sitting at the side of your sofa suite, this handy table will provide a place for your cuppa as well as an ornament or two. Its rustic appearance is owed to the natural materials used to create this fabulous table – the visible parts of the unit having been crafted from oak.Matching furniture...
Usual Price £159
Only £115.00

Barnwell Rustic Oak Side Table
The Barnwell Rustic Oak Side Table is a simple design that allows you to showcase your favourite ornaments or simply house a warming cup of tea next to your sofa. A single shelf resides at the base of the unit and this can be used for storing magazines or newspapers, while the table top itself offer additional space next to your seating.The table itself has been manufactured using oak and hidden MDF...
Usual Price £149
Only £99.00
Camden Light Lamp Table
The Camden Light Lamp Table is a simple piece that will add an edgy look to your living room setup. The table’s metal frame serves to bring an industrial feel to what is otherwise a natural oak piece of furniture. Lighter than traditional oak, this lamp table will suit modern and contemporary settings best.Matching furniture includes a range of living room tables to help you create a more flowing...
Usual Price £375
Only £199.00

Ercol Romana Lamp Table - 2650
The Romana Lamp Table from ercol is all about simple design and practical storage. Its slim-line drawer provides enough space for smaller items such as remote controls, while the table top itself offers up the opportunity to accessorise. Minimalist legs present the trademark ercol style and you’ll be well-served when placing your new lamp table at the ends of any sofas.The lamp table has been made...
RRP £790
Only £629.00
Lamont Lamp Table
The Lamont Lamp Table from TCH Furniture has a traditional look that comes in a variety of coloured finishes. The table itself can help to fulfil a practical purpose alongside your sofa – giving you a place to rest your cup of tea while watching TV – although the table’s turned legs and natural display are the eye-catching qualities that make this lamp table appealing.Accompanying furniture from...
Usual Price £365
Only £289.00

Loft Lamp Table with Drawer
The Loft Lamp Table with Drawer offers a great place for lamps, plants and photo frames at the side of your sofa. It can also be used to store away smaller items such as remote controls, with the table space kept clear for cups of tea and other items you like to keep close by.Matching living room furniture such as coffee tables will help you to complete the look and create a more flowing setup. The...
Usual Price £279
Only £229.00
Maiden Oak Lamp Table
The Maiden Oak Lamp Table features a single shelf and table top for displaying ornaments, flowers, photos or simply holding your cup of tea. And whether you’re planning to accessorise or use your table for more functional purposes, the Maiden Oak Lamp Table is sure to fit the bill with its space-saving design and attractive appearance.The table itself has been manufactured from oak before being applied...
Usual Price £195
Only £95.00

Maiden Oak Side Table with Drawer
The Maiden Oak range is beautifully fashioned from oak wood. Its attractive features and stylish design are enhanced by chrome style handles, while dovetailed drawers offer an authentic glimpse into the exceptional craftsmanship that goes into creating this fabulous collection.This range is finished in a light lacquer with many of the pieces coming in various sizes.
Usual Price £275
Only £135.00
Malmo Lamp Table - WN205
The Malmo Lamp Table features a single drawer with a shelf towards the base of the unit – and here you’ll be able to display accessories or simply store smaller items such as magazines and newspapers. The drawer can be used to keep smaller items close at hand, while the clear table top can then be utilised for a lamp, flowers or simply to hold your cup of tea.The table itself has been manufactured...
Usual Price £455
Only £359.00

New England Lamp Table
The New England Lamp Table from Stag features one drawer for a little extra storage to keep the important things close at hand – making it the ideal addition at the end of your sofa. Usually used for lamps, lamp tables can also be used for housing ornaments, candles and anything else you like to have in the living room.Regardless of what you use your lamp table for, however, this simple oak design...
RRP £365
Only £299.00
Oakley Limed Lamp Table with Drawer
The Oakley Lime collection is the epitome of modern living. Its versatile lime-washed oak look is finished with chrome cup handles – giving it a style that’s suitable for all settings. And its variety of storage options will accommodate most sizes of room, leaving you space to play with when it comes to furnishing your home.View the full Oakley collection
Usual Price £245
Only £169.00

Oakley Limed Telephone Table
The Oakley Limed Telephone Table is a compact design that will serve as a place for your phone, while also keeping your address books and any writing material close at hand – thanks to the handy drawer situated at the top of the piece. The shelf underneath can be used for displaying accessories, although there’s scope to use the space for additional storage.Overall, the small design is best-suited...
Usual Price £245
Only £169.00
Oakley Rustic Lamp Table with Drawer
The Oakley Rustic Lamp Table with Drawer is a simple design that will add a practical touch to your living room. The small drawer and handy table top will allow for the storage of smaller items and for the use of a lamp – respectively – while a chunky design and rustic oak features complete what is an attractive country style.The table itself has been manufactured from solid oak and is made stronger...
Usual Price £245
Only £169.00

Oakley Rustic Side Table
The Oakley Rustic Side Table is more compact than the lamp table alternative, but a handy storage drawer and neat shelf will help to serve a more practical purpose around the home. The drawer can provide storage for smaller items and the shelf can be used to display accessories – leaving the table top tidy for a lamp of photos of the family.The table itself has been manufactured from solid oak and...
Usual Price £169
Only £115.00
Oakley Rustic Telephone Table
The Oakley Rustic Oak Telephone Table is all about the country-style and characterful finish you’ll receive when installing the unit in your home. Its handy drawer provides a place for address books and notepads – helpful things to have at hand when on the phone – while the table top itself can be used to house your telephone. All in all, this convenient table will fit the bill in both larger...
Usual Price £245
Only £169.00

Scandi Lamp Table
The Scandi Lamp Table is as much an accessory as it is a functional living room table. The simple design is beautifully attractive purely from a design point of view, with angled legs, natural oak features and a smooth – almost rounded – finish. While made from solid oak and real oak veneers, a clear matt lacquer shows off the wood’s natural graining while also protecting it too.Matching furniture...
Usual Price £275
Only £189.00
Soho Lamp Table
The Soho Lamp Table has an authentic look that’s simple in design and will easily hold a lamp or ornament. The table would be best-suited to traditional or contemporary settings, and will work wonders when placed at the end of your sofa or next to a chair – providing additional table space around your living room.All in all, this lamp table offers up a natural charm that’s sure to impress. Its...
Usual Price £135
Only £79.00

Soho Large Lamp Table
The Soho Large Lamp Table is designed for bigger spaces where you have a little more room to play with. And sitting at either end of your sofa, this handy lamp table will provide you with the space you need to rest your cuppa – while also lighting up the scenery if you’re intending to place your lamp there. But either way the Soho Large Lamp Table will suit all manner of needs.This particular lamp...
Usual Price £235
Only £135.00
Soho Night Stand / Lamp Table
The stunning Soho collection combines solid oak with contemporary features for a modern look and feel. Its attractive style is owed to a light lacquer and subtle detailing, while an outstanding variety of sizes and options will allow the Soho to suit any setting.Soho furniture is distinctive for its tongue grooves and dovetail drawers – the look finished off with brush steel handles.
Usual Price £219
Only £135.00

Trent Lamp Table with Shelf
The Trent Lamp Table with Shelf has a simple design that will fit easily in with smaller settings, although will work equally well in larger living rooms. Its compact design features a handy drawer and table top – providing additional table space to where you need it most. And while there are larger, more practical alternatives, the chunky design and curved features will provide the style many homeowners...
Usual Price £185
Only £145.00
Woodley Lamp Table
The Woodley Lamp Table showcases a single drawer with a handy shelf underneath. Its Danish-inspired design keeps up with modern trends and the lamp table’s practical drawer will mean there’s plenty of substance as well as style in your home – and accompanying pieces will make sure you can create a consistent look throughout the living room.The table itself has been crafted from oak and the unit...
Usual Price £245
Only £149.00

Woodley Side Table
The Woodley Side Table features one drawer and a handy shelf towards the base of the unit. And while it’s useful to have a drawer by the side of your sofa, it’s the table top itself that will allow for decorating your living room with accessories. Both wooden and metal knobs are provided with the lamp table and these are interchangeable, so it’s easy to implement a slightly more traditional or...
Usual Price £225
Only £139.00
Woodley Telephone Table
The Woodley Telephone Table features a single drawer with a handy shelf towards the base of the unit. Its light finish will work well in most settings, while tapered legs and smooth oak features give the table a contemporary look overall. And while this table will provide a convenient spot for your telephone, the compact design will make sure not to take up too much space.Accompanying furniture is...
Usual Price £215
Only £129.00