Ercol Rimini

Ercol Rimini

Perhaps the most striking element of our Rimini bedroom collection is its chamfered, inset drawers and headboard, with the lack of sharp edges creating a cohesive, flowing feeling that’s conducive to a relaxing environment. Spacious storage units provide versatility to what is otherwise an eye-catching range, allowing homeowners to choose items that suit and fit their space.

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Ercol Rimini 3 Drawer Bedside Chest
The Rimini Three Drawer Bedside Chest from ercol will suit contemporary bedrooms and modern interior designs. Its attractive style features cutaway handles and tapered legs – both of which are typical of ercol’s models. The top of the unit can be used to display a lamp or some form of accessory, while the drawers themselves will help to keep the important things close at hand.The bedside table...
RRP £325
Only £259.00
Ercol Rimini Compact Bedside
The Rimini Compact Bedside Cabinet is 15cm narrower than the standard size of chest, while three drawers offer plenty of storage for the bedside. The bottom drawer is slightly larger than the two at the top but all of them feature the sculpted cutaway drawer – which is what makes the Rimini range iconic among ercol’s collection.The bedside chest will suit modern settings but natural materials make...
RRP £270
Only £215.00

Ercol Rimini 2 Door Wardrobe
The Rimini Two Door Wardrobe from ercol is a spacious piece that will allow you to easily store your garments without getting creases. Its expansive structure includes a single drawer that spans the width of the wardrobe, and sculpted cutaway handles on both the doors and drawers are what sets this design apart from others in our collection. Tapered legs complete the look and a thin border highlights...
RRP £1,325
Only £1,059.00
Ercol Rimini 4ft6 Double Bed (135cm)
The ercol Rimini 4ft6 Double Bed features a panelled design at both the foot end and head end. Its simple structure is elegantly neat, which makes for a contemporary feel that will suit modern bedrooms and natural interior designs. The supportive structure has been designed to aid in providing a great night’s sleep to the user.The bed itself has been skilfully crafted from solid oak and oak veneer...
RRP £995
Only £795.00

Ercol Rimini 5ft King Size Bed (150cm)
The Rimini 5ft King Size Bed from ercol provides a solid structure for a supportive night’s sleep. Its attractive design will suit contemporary settings best, while a range of matching furniture will help to tie everything together. The headboard and foot end of the bed take on a panelled-style design.This king size bed has been crafted from solid oak and oak veneer is applied for a more consistent...
RRP £1,045
Only £835.00
Ercol Rimini 4 Drawer Low Wide Chest
The Rimini Four Drawer Low Wide Chest features two top drawers and two bottom drawers that span the width of the unit. Cutaway handles are a trademark feature among ercol’s Rimini collection, while tapered legs serve to provide the piece with a modern look. This contemporary chest of drawers will suit settings that utilise light oak varieties of furniture.The chest of drawers has been made from light...
RRP £885
Only £705.00

Ercol Rimini 6 Drawer Tall Chest
The Rimini Six Drawer Tall Chest from ercol features five drawers of all the same size, with the bottom, sixth drawer being slightly larger. This chest of drawers will suit smaller bedrooms because of its narrow structure and its lack of requirement for floor space. Tapered legs and cutaway handles are eye-catching additions that give the piece a more contemporary look.The chest itself has been manufactured...
RRP £885
Only £705.00
Ercol Rimini 6 Drawer Tall Wide Chest
The Rimini Wide Six Drawer Chest from ercol combines width and height for the ultimate bedroom storage solution. Its attractive design features include cutaway handles and tapered legs, which give the drawers a contemporary look overall. A lighter appearance also ties in with more modern furniture and settings.The chest of drawers has been made from oak and oak veneers are used to give the structure...
RRP £995
Only £795.00