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Harrow 2 Seater Sofa
The Harrow Fixed Two Seater Sofa offers plenty of comfort for medium-sized living rooms. Its spacious two seats will easily accommodate two people, while a range of additional seating from the Harrow collection will ensure everyone has a spot to sit in. The tailored back and armrests have a modern look that will tie in well with most styles of setting, and various fabric colours offer the ability to...
Usual Price £1,199
Only £899.00
Harrow 3 Seater Sofa
The Harrow Fixed Three Seater offers plenty of space for lounging around in larger living rooms. Its ergonomically-designed back provides unparalleled support to users, while a choice of fabric colours means it’s easy to add a touch of colour and texture to your home. The frame assembly is guaranteed for 15 years and foamcore seats have a firmer feel when compared to fibre-filled sofas from our collection.Matching...
Usual Price £1,359
Only £999.00

Harrow Storage Footstool
The Harrow Storage Stool would be a welcome addition to any living room setup. The stool’s convenient storage space provides a spot for magazines, newspapers and other items you’d like to keep out of sight, while the comfy top offers an excellent footrest. The choice of colours will let you easily customise your stool to fit in with various colour schemes.
Usual Price £395
Only £295.00
Harrow 2 Seater Double Manual Recliner Sofa
The Harrow Two Seater Manual Recliner is a double-sided piece, which means both sides recline out. And the function itself comes with a smooth operation that aids comfort and encourages relaxation, whereas the expertly designed backrests offer plenty of additional support. A choice of fabric colours will help you to customise your sofa to match in with your home and personal tastes.The sofa also comes...
Usual Price £1,679
From £1,249.00

Harrow 2 Seater Double Power Recliner Sofa
The Harrow Two Seater Power Recliner offers maximum comfort for medium-sized homes. Its smooth reclining feature takes you comfortable through each of the reclining phases to the full extension, while foam-filled seat cushions provide a firmer touch for long term support. The two seater is also available as a manual recliner and fixed sofa.Choose from a variety of colour options when customising your...
Usual Price £2,159
From £1,599.00
Harrow 3 Seater Double Manual Recliner Sofa
The Harrow Three Seater Recliner offers maximum comfort with a smooth reclining function and spacious seat cushions. This is the manual recliner but there’s an easy-to-use power recliner for those who would prefer it. A variety of colour options means you can also customise the sofa to match in with your personal tastes, while a 15-year guarantee on the frame assembly provides peace of mind for long-term...
Usual Price £1,839
Only £1,399.00

Harrow 3 Seater Double Power Recliner Sofa
The Harrow Three Seater Power Recliner is all about ease of use and offering comfort. Its expansive seat cushions are filled with foam, which means they provide a firmer feel and are less likely to dip with long term use, while a tailored backrest offers unparalleled support for your back and neck. The reclining function itself is easy to use and offers a smooth transition through each of the reclining...
Usual Price £2,319
Only £1,749.00
Harrow Cuddler Power Recliner
The Harrow Cuddler Power Recliner is a contemporary piece that will transform your living room while offering plenty of comfort. Its spacious seat is ideal for two people, although will serve one person equally well, and its smooth reclining feature will ensure you’re well-accommodated for on lazy evenings when you’d like to lounge around.A 15-year guarantee on the frame assembly offers peace of...
Usual Price £1,455
Only £1,099.00

Harrow Cuddler Sofa
The Harrow Cuddler is larger than the armchair and offers a great spot to snuggle up with a loved one, while also helping to make the most of your space. Its choice of colours will allow you to enhance your living room with new textures and patterns, and matching sofas will help to complete your layout.The cuddler comes with a 15-year guarantee on the frame assembly, whereas foamcore seats provide...
Usual Price £975
From £729.00
Harrow Power Recliner
The Harrow Power Recliner is all about convenience and is the perfect accompaniment to any of our Harrow sofas. Its smooth function will ensure comfort throughout each stage of the reclining mechanism, while foam-filled seats and a 15-year guarantee will stand the test of time. The ergonomic design and back rest also offer excellent lumbar and neck support for users.Choose from a variety of fabric...
Usual Price £1,305
Only £979.00

Harrow Recliner Chair
The Harrow Manual Recliner would make a great addition to any home – especially when combined with one of our Harrow sofas. The recliner itself has a smooth function combined with foam-filled seats and additional back support, and the contemporary design will work well in modern homes. A variety of colour options gives you the option to customise your sofa to how it would best suit your living room.The...
Usual Price £1,065
Only £799.00
Harrow Chair
The Harrow Armchair is available as a manual or power recliner if preferred, but the fixed version offers plenty of comfort when combined with the two or three seater from the same collection. Its contemporary look has been designed to provide users with better neck and back support, while a choice of fabric colours allows you to easily customise the chair to your personal preferences.The chair comes...
Usual Price £825
Only £599.00