Console Tables

Console tables are a great way to add storage and table space to a hallway or living room. They also provide the perfect place to keep a lamp or plant, making your home more homely and your living space easier on the eye. Coffee tables and lamp tables from the same range will give you a complete look throughout the home.

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Aspen Console Table
The Aspen Console Table features two handy storage drawers and a neat shelf underneath for additional space in your hallway or living room. Its compact design is ideal for smaller rooms, while an off-white painted finish exudes a country style that will befit most settings. A solid oak table top provides a place for you to accessorise with flowers, ornaments and photographs – should you wish to add...
Usual Price £369
Only £259.00
Barnwell Light Console Table
The Barnwell Light collection is a modern oak range that has been beautifully finished with an on-trend light lacquer. Aside from the variety of sizes available on many items, you’ll also have the choice of different types of storage to really help you make the most of your home.The Barnwell is also available without the light lacquer – for a slightly richer look. Check out the standard Barnwell...
Usual Price £279
Only £199.00

Barnwell Rustic Oak Console Table
The Barnwell Rustic Oak Console Table has a rustic look that will add both practicality and style to your home. Best suited to country settings, this particular piece exudes a modern feel with dark metal handles completing its appearance. Two drawers offer up storage for smaller items while the neat shelf underneath will also do the same, unless used for displaying purposes – depending on your preference.The...
Usual Price £279
Only £199.00
Camden Console Table
The Camden Console Table is a stripped back item that offers table space, an extra display shelf and plenty of modern charm. The contemporary design features solid oak and an on-trend metal frame – ideal for injecting a bit style into your hallway, living or dining room. The table itself takes up little space and provides an easy way to spruce up your home.Try combining your new console table with...
Usual Price £465
Only £325.00

Camden Light Console Table
The Camden Light Console Table offers drawer storage as well as a spacious table top for accessories. From here you’ll be able to display a wide variety of personal effects, plants and ornaments for a more homely feel, while the oak’s light finish and metal features will transform your space into a stylish hub.Matching living room furniture have the same appeal and will allow you to create a more...
Usual Price £1,075
Only £575.00
Caspian Console Table
The Caspian Coffee Table is a modern piece that will suit contemporary settings. Its glass top adds an aesthetic appeal to homes, but will also reflect the natural light and work to make smaller spaces seem larger – while the top itself provides the perfect opportunity to accessorise in hallways and cosier rooms.The glass itself has been tempered for a better quality of console table, while stainless...
Usual Price £399
Only £299.00

Chartwell Console Table
The Chartwell Console Table features a handy storage shelf that’s perfect for displaying accessories or storing smaller items – while the table top will provide another opportunity to style your home with lamps, candles, photos or anything else you like to have on show. The bowed appearance is unique among our collection and the half-moon shape is best where space is an issue, as it will appear...
Usual Price £325
Only £225.00
Cosby Console Table
The Cosby Console Table is usually combined with the coffee and lamp tables from the same range. Having said that, the console table will work well in a number of modern, contemporary settings, with a casual driftwood effect being the highlight of what is typically considered a minimalist look. And while the table top looks wooden, it has actually been fashioned from magnesium oxide – a revolutionary...
Usual Price £499
Only £399.00

Deku Console Table 120cm
The Deku 120cm Console Table would make the perfect addition to any home. Its statement look would suit modern, contemporary settings and with no two pieces ever the same – you can expect a unique table that can never be replicated artificially. The table itself has been made from the root of a teak tree that is sourced from Indonesia.The root is sandblasted to give the table its unique blonde look...
Usual Price £639
Only £479.00
Deku Console Table 150cm
The Deku 150cm Console Table combines a natural look with modern living. The table’s unique design takes on the form of the root from teak trees that have been sourced from Indonesia. And it’s this natural appeal that would serve well as a statement piece in any home – and with no two pieces ever the same, you can look forward to being the proud owner of a 100% unique console table.The table...
Usual Price £799
Only £599.00

Deku Console Table 160cm
The Deku 160cm Console Table features an authentic design that is 100% natural. The table itself has been fashioned from a teak tree root that has been sourced from Indonesia. And with no two pieces ever the same, you can look forward to receiving a 100% original product that can’t be replicated artificially.Before it’s sent out, the table is sandblasted to remove excess bark and dirt – which...
Usual Price £899
Only £649.00
Ercol Capena Console Table
The Capena Console Table from ercol is a stylish and modern piece of furniture that will complement any modern setting. Its trademark ercol look is brought further with the addition of two drawers and a handy slatted shelf underneath. And whether you’re hoping to display ornaments, flowers or photographs, or you’re just looking for extra storage in hallways and small spaces, this console table...
RRP £650
Only £519.00

Ercol Windsor Console Table
The Windsor Console Table from ercol features a single drawer and will fit in well with dining, living rooms and hallways in most modern settings. A handy shelf also offers additional storage but is best used to show off ornaments, while a clear table top will look good sporting a lamp, flowers or photos of the family. No matter what you use your console table for, this particular piece will meet all...
RRP £1,000
Only £799.00
Harbour Console Table
The Harbour Console Table provides the perfect blend between contemporary living and handy storage. The veneered drawers provide the latter while a metal frame and glass top offer modern intrigue – fitting in with the popular industrial trend we’re beginning to see a lot more of. The stripped back design is ideal for modern and contemporary settings.Matching furniture comes in the form of living...
Usual Price £535
Only £349.00

Henley Grey Console Table
The Henley Grey Console Table has a single drawer that spans the width of the unit, providing extra storage space for smaller items. The drawer is fitted with attractive chrome handles and a smooth oak top completes the pleasing rustic look that will suit most country-style and contemporary settings.Two baskets sit atop the shelf underneath the table, and these can be used for additional storage as...
Usual Price £425
Only £225.00
Henley Grey Large Console Table
The Henley Grey Large Console Table features two storage drawers and three baskets for additional space in which to pack things away. These attractive baskets add a natural and rustic look to the console table, while two drawers will keep smaller items out of the way until they’re needed.A lime-washed oak top completes the table and will provide a neutral base from which to accessorise, and chrome...
Usual Price £549
Only £299.00

Henley White Console Table
The modern Henley range comes in a choice of either grey or white colourways, with the option to have aged brass cup handles for a more rustic appearance. The collection is fitted with lime-washed oak tops and chrome handles come as standard, providing an elegant look that combines contemporary design with traditional features.Aged brass effect handles can be fitted for a small additional charge of...
Usual Price £425
Only £225.00
Henley White Large Console Table
The Henley White Large Console Table would suit any country-style or contemporary setting. Its eye-catching features, such as chrome handles and three beautiful baskets, are complemented by additional storage in the way of two shallow drawers for smaller items. An oak top completes the console table and will provide a place to place a lamp, flowers or other ornamental pieces.All in all, the Henley...
Usual Price £549
Only £299.00

Jacob Hall Table
The Jacob Hall Table features a single storage drawer as well as a shelf for additional space – helping you to make the most of your home. Its attractive finish is owed to the American white oak with which the table has been made, while the lighter style is sure to suit more modern and brighter settings.The table itself has a contemporary style and accompanying items will help to tie everything together...
Usual Price £579
Only £459.00
Katrine Console Table
The Katrine Console Table is a designer piece that will suit modern settings with its glass top and stylish chrome frame. The table itself provides a minimalist look that doesn’t include storage but can help you to accessorise with a sturdy, see-through glass top. Whether you’re looking for something stylish or need a little extra table space in your hallway or living room, the Katrine Console...
Usual Price £199
Only £149.00

Kesterport Westwind Console Table
The Westwind Console Table from Kesterport is a rectangular piece that combines modern elements with contemporary design. The architectural stainless steel base has been polished for an immaculate look, whereas a clear, toughened glass top creates a luxurious sheen that is both strong and durable. The table’s standout feature is the stainless steel base; with its “W” shape and artful crossover.The...
RRP £699
Only £559.00
Lighthouse Console Table
The Lighthouse range offers a stripped back look that combines an oak finish with a rough-touch, powder-coated matt black frame. These simple pieces have an on-trend industrial vibe that will tie in with contemporary and modern settings.Comes packed for self-assembly
Usual Price £125
Only £99.00

Lincoln Console Table
The Lincoln Console Table epitomises the on-trend industrial look. Made from reclaimed materials, this piece also provides homeowners with a sense of responsibility when it comes to making sure your furniture is sustainably sourced. Its two drawers offer a decent level of storage, whereas the stripped back metal legs offer a contemporary edge to the rustic charm.Matching furniture will help you to...
Usual Price £395
Only £235.00
Maiden Oak 1 Drawer Console Table
The Maiden Oak One Drawer Console Table has been crafted from oak wood and is finished in a light lacquer that protects the timber and provides a smoother touch. The chrome-style handles finish the piece and give the table a more contemporary look – making the console table suitable for modern settings as well as more traditional designs.A single drawer allows for the storage of smaller items and...
Usual Price £319
Only £159.00

Maiden Oak 2 Drawer Console Table
The Maiden Oak Two Drawer Console Table is all about the simple design which will allow you to add style as well as substance to your home. Designed primarily for use in hallways, this console table features two drawers and a handy shelf for additional storage around the home, while chrome-style handles give the table a contemporary look that will suit modern settings.More furniture is available from...
Usual Price £445
Only £219.00
Malmo Hall Table 1 Drawer - WN214
The Malmo Console Table has a single drawer that spans the width of the table. Its handy storage features stem beyond the drawer to a handy shelf underneath, which can either be used to store opulent storage boxes or more ornamental accessories. The table top itself can be used to house accessories if you’re looking to accent wall colours or existing furniture.This console table has been manufactured...
Usual Price £529
Only £419.00

Malmo Hall Table 2 Drawer - WN215
The Malmo Hall Table with Two Drawers features extra storage where you have the space for it. Designed for the hallway, you can expect your new Malmo furniture to fit the bill when it comes to storage, accessorising and displaying your favourite photos. Its handy shelf works as both storage and a platform from which to accessorise, while the two drawers will help to keep clutter away.The table itself...
Usual Price £745
Only £595.00
Marine Bay Console Table
The Marine Bay Console Table displays a mixture of contemporary features and traditional styling. Its stone-grey painted finish protects the wood but also gives the table a neutral colour, while metal handles provide a modern touch that’s sure to suit your home. A limed oak surface has been applied with a soft lacquer that protects the wood from spillages.The table itself has two handy storage drawers...
Usual Price £575
Only £399.00

New England Console Table
The New England Console Table from Stag Furniture features two drawers complete with metal knobs for a modern look that also provides a bit of function. Best used in the hallway or living room, this console table has been fashioned from oak and also provides a good-sized table top for flowers, picture frames and other ornamental pieces.The shapely legs give off a contemporary feel from what is otherwise...
RRP £845
Only £675.00
New Everglades Console Table - MD12
The New Everglades Console Table features two drawers for additional storage in hallways and around the home, but the statement element for this table is certainly its dark tones and the wood’s natural graining. Crafted from mango wood, the table is also finished in a soft lacquer that protects the timber while also making the furniture softer to the touch.More items can be purchased from the New...
Usual Price £559
Only £399.00

New Everglades Hall Stand
The New Everglades Hall Stand provides a slightly different take on the traditional hall stand, with a single drawer and two extra shelves for storage and display purposes. Its small design will fit almost anywhere around the home, while dark tones offer an authentic appearance that will bring warmth and character to the living room or hallway.Accompanying furniture from the New Everglades range will...
Usual Price £305
Only £225.00
Oakley Limed Medium Console Table
The Oakley Lime collection is the epitome of modern living. Its versatile lime-washed oak look is finished with chrome cup handles – giving it a style that’s suitable for all settings. And its variety of storage options will accommodate most sizes of room, leaving you space to play with when it comes to furnishing your home.View the full Oakley collection
Usual Price £369
Only £255.00

Oakley Rustic Hall Shelf Unit
The Oakley Hall Shelf Unit combines six coat hooks with three cubby holes for gloves, hats or additional items of clothing. A handy mirror also gives you the opportunity to see how you look before heading out – as well as reflecting the natural light in your hallway to lighten up any darker spots there may be.The light oak finish provides a rustic look that will tie in well with most interior designs,...
Usual Price £289
Only £199.00
Oakley Rustic Medium Console Table
The Oakley Medium Console Table is a rustic piece that combines hallway storage with a stunningly attractive design. The authentic handles and oak finish bring a lot of character to the home, while two drawers and an under-storage shelf allows you to add accessories for a more homely look.A neat table top and smart design features contribute to what is otherwise a practical and stylish appearance,...
Usual Price £369
Only £255.00

Pennines Console Table CL15
The Pennines Console Table features two drawers with brass cup handles, allowing for additional storage in hallways and living rooms. Its attractive look has been inspired by the reclaimed timbers from which it is made – providing a rustic style that will suit country-style settings. The paint has been slightly distressed for a more authentic look.Accompanying Pennines furniture will help you to...
Usual Price £315
Only £219.00
Scandi Console Table
The Scandi Console Table would make a great addition to any hallway or living room. The thinner design makes the table ideal to house an accessory or two, while the angled legs and retro style will help to carry the Scandi look throughout your home.Made from solid oak and real oak veneers, the wood has been finished in a clear matt lacquer which protects the timber.
Usual Price £309
Only £199.00

Shades Oak Shaped Console Table - 5855
5855 - Shades Oak shaped console table. Including soft close drawer system.The Shades Oak collection offers timeless and functional pieces that can compliment your home for years to come.The collection comprises of beautifully selected veneers complimented by an oak finish. The unique styling of soft curves and elegant design would grace many rooms.
Usual Price £949
Only £759.00
Soho 3 Drawer Console Table
The Soho Three Drawer Console Table is one of our larger units and will suit long hallways where there’s extra space to play with. Its three shallow drawers will provide plenty of storage for smaller items such as address books, while the table top itself can be used to house your phone, accessories and personal items such as photographs. Underneath the unit is a shelf where you can store boxes or...
Usual Price £489
Only £265.00

Soho Console Table
The Soho Console Table features two drawers for extra storage of smaller items you’d usually keep in the hallway or living room. Its compact design will easily fit under window sills (although we recommend you measure up first) and offers a contemporary touch with its brushed steel handles – meaning most interior designs would benefit from this fabulous table.The wood’s natural graining can be...
Usual Price £399
Only £199.00
Taupe Pine Wood 2 Drawer Console with Shelf
The Taupe Pine Wood Console Table has a unique look that showcases shuttered drawers. While these offer additional storage for hallways and living rooms, the handy shelf underneath and the table top itself can be used for accessorising and personal items. Turned legs give the range a period look but the taupe finish offers up a more neutral tone that will fit into various interior designs.This versatile...
Usual Price £255
Only £149.00

Taupe Pine Wood Half Moon Console Table
The Taupe Pine Wood Half Moon Console Table has a beautiful appearance that will suit most settings thanks to its neutral taupe finish. The table itself has been manufactured from pine wood and a handy shelf provides extra space for smaller items, as well as additional storage. The table top can be used for lamps, flowers and photos to brighten up hallways and smaller rooms around the home.Turned legs...
Usual Price £125
Only £75.00
Trecenta Large Console Table
The Trecenta Large Console Table features two drawers along with a handy storage shelf underneath. The table’s compact design is also suitable for smaller settings and cosier abodes, whereas the collection’s overall contemporary look will provide modern homes with a touch of style.The console table has been crafted from solid oak and veneers are applied to make the unit stronger overall. The use...
Usual Price £425
Only £339.00

Trecenta Small Console Table
The Trecenta Small Console Table has one drawer as well as a handy shelf for smaller items underneath. This console table has a compact size that will fit in where space is an issue, making it ideal for smaller homes. A metal handle and light finish give the table a contemporary look that will fit in well with most settings.This console table has been manufactured from solid oak before being applied...
Usual Price £345
Only £275.00
Trent Large Console 2 Drawer and Shelf
The Trent Large Console Table with two drawers and shelf showcases a practical and functional design. The table itself has been manufactured with selected oak solids for a rich and authentic look, before it’s then applied with a delicate wax finish that protects the wood and brings out the timber’s finer qualities. Drawers are finished with square metal handles and give off a more rustic feel for...
Usual Price £289
Only £229.00

Trent Small Console 1 Drawer and Shelf
The Trent Small Console Table with one drawer and shelf provides a compact storage space for little items such as address books. Its attractive design will fit in almost anywhere around the home and is particularly suitable for those who have little space to play with, while a small shelf underneath allows you to accessorise. A metal handle on the drawer adds to what is a rustic and authentic-looking...
Usual Price £215
Only £169.00
Willis & Gambier Bretagne Console Table
The beautiful Bretagne Console Table from Willis & Gambier has a rustic charm it would be difficult to replicate elsewhere. Grade three French oak has been used to craft the table and three handy storage drawers will provide a practical touch that brings substance as well as style. A slatted shelf underneath is ideal for storage boxes.The console table’s top can be used for a variety of purposes,...
RRP £629
Only £455.00

Willis & Gambier Genoa Console Table
The Genoa Console Table from Willis & Gambier is all about substance and style. Its three practical drawers provide a place for smaller items such as address books and notepads, while the birch table top can be used for accessorising and bringing a personal touch to the hallway. Its slatted undershelf allows for additional storage should you need it.The console table itself has been manufactured...
RRP £789
Only £575.00
Willis & Gambier Lille Console Table
The Lille Console Table from Willis & Gambier has a closed-off design in comparison to alternatives among our collection, but this means that more of the wood’s natural beauty can be showcased and kept on display. Three drawers are combined with a shelf and base for additional storage around the home – but usually in hallways.A larger central drawer is encompassed by two smaller drawers on...
RRP £759
Only £555.00
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