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Nathan Classic Burlington Coffee Table Nest - 5424
The Classic Burlington Coffee Table Nest is a unique item from the Nathan brand. While not offering any additional storage, the two extra tables provide more table space when it’s needed; so if you’re entertaining guests or have the whole family in one place.The table itself features bow-shaped legs for a distinctive style, while a smooth table top and high quality construction provide the perfect...
Usual Price £799
Only £639.00
Nathan Classic Burlington Nest of 3 Tables - 5634
The Classic Burlington Nest of Tables from Nathan is all about tradition. The natural look and artfully bowed legs combine to create an eye-catching display, while each of the three tables will fulfil a practical purpose in living rooms. While neatly stacking away when not in use, these tables can be used to create additional table space when it’s needed – which is the main allure of nests of tables,...
Usual Price £749
Only £599.00