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Ashcott Small Bookcase
The perfect blend between classic styling and current trends, the Ashcott pairs natural oak tops with traditional features such as turned legs, a soft grey painted finish and eye-catching bun feet. Contemporary dining chairs transform the look and work well in modern settings, while a mixture of storage options and living room tables allow flexibility for varying sizes of home.Features:Colour: Soft...
Usual Price £515
Only £359.00
Chiltern Dove Small Wide Bookcase
Give your living and dining room a modern look with our Chiltern Dove range. Its combination of natural oak and a lovely dove grey painted finish gives the collection a clean and pristine appeal, which works beautifully with white as well as colourful accessories. Somewhere between country and contemporary, the Chiltern Dove will suit a variety of interior designs.Features:Colour: Dove grey painted...
Usual Price £195
Only £135.00

4 (1)

Chiltern Oak Small Wide Bookcase
We love the Chiltern Oak range for its rustic look and traditional, soft features. Rounded corners, antique cup handles and a homely appearance can be seen throughout the range, with many pieces available to help accommodate various sizes of home. If you’re looking for a casual, laidback style that makes the most of natural materials – look no further.Features:Colour: Rustic oakAntique brass effect...
Usual Price £195
Only £135.00
Ercol Bosco Low Bookcase - 1379
The beautiful Bosco range from Ercol is a wonderful collection of living and dining room furniture. Its distinctive look is formed of stylish finger joint detailing, flowing curves and excellent storage space, while a wide range of items will allow you to furnish your entire home easily.The Bosco is crafted from solid oak and oak veneers, applied with a clear matt lacquer that showcases the natural...
RRP £640
Only £479.00

Ercol Windsor Small Bookcase
The Windsor Small Bookcase from ercol offers two adjustable shelves for storing books and other forms of reading material, while also providing space for an accessory or two on the shelves themselves or the top of the unit. Ideal for small rooms, this compact bookcase will work well in a study, office or living room.The bookcase has been made from ash wood and the timber’s natural graining can be...
RRP £1,725
Only £1,289.00
Henley Grey Small Narrow Bookcase
The Henley Grey Small Narrow Bookcase has three compartments with the bottom space offering basket-style storage for smaller items. The two shelves can be used for storing books, while the top of the bookcase can be used for displaying accessories or house plants. Overall, the bookcase has a contemporary look that’s made up of tapered legs and a lime-washed oak top.The unit has a grey painted finish...
Usual Price £339
Only £199.00

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Henley Grey Small Wide Bookcase
The Henley Grey Small Wide Bookcase features two baskets and two shelves, which allow you to store books as well as keep smaller items out of the way. The lime-washed oak top and tapered legs give the bookcase a contemporary design, while a neutral grey painted finish gives you the opportunity to accessorise and accent existing furniture.The bookcase’s low height will mean you can use the top of...
Usual Price £475
Only £285.00
Henley White Small Wide Bookcase
The Henley White Small Wide Bookcase features two shelves and two baskets at the bottom of the unit. The shelving space allows for additional storage of books in smaller rooms such as studies and home offices, while the baskets provide something extra from a design point of view. The bookcase’s contemporary features give the piece a modern look; with a lime-washed oak top and tapered legs providing...
Usual Price £475
Only £285.00

5 (1)

Hurstley Painted Small Wide Bookcase
Following the success of the Hurstley collection, we are now offering the Hurstley in a stunning pure white colourway, paired with the original light oak top. Each piece of the range is compact sized and lightweight, perfect for the modern home. With brushed metal handles, a solid wood frame and rounded corners, the Hurstley Painted dining range will revitalise and modernise your home.
Usual Price £195
Only £135.00
Hurstley Small Wide Bookcase
Bring the freshness of light oak into your home and invest in our beautiful Hurstley range. Its combination of solid oak frames, variety of options and classy brushed metal handles ooze quality, with a crisp contemporary finish looking the part in modern settings. Great value for money, the Hurstley will bring a light and airy style that’s sure to inspire homeliness and tranquillity.Features:Colour:...
Usual Price £195
Only £135.00

Lamont Small Bookcase
The Lamont Small Bookcase features two shelves and these make up three sections for books, DVDs and accessories too. The fairly compact design means the bookcase will suit smaller settings or any abode where excess books are a problem, while a choice of finishes gives you better control over the final look.The bookcase itself has been manufactured from solid oak and oak veneers have been applied to...
Usual Price £945
Only £755.00
Lighthouse Tall 2 Shelf Bookcase
The Lighthouse range offers a stripped back look that combines an oak finish with a rough-touch, powder-coated matt black frame. These simple pieces have an on-trend industrial vibe that will tie in with contemporary and modern settings.Comes packed for self-assembly
Usual Price £135
Only £109.00

Maiden Oak 3ft Bookcase
The Maiden Oak 3ft Bookcase is fitted with two chunky shelves for a natural look that will suit just about any home. Its low design also means you can use the top of the bookcase to showcase accessories or keep a house plant. The wood?s natural graining can be easily seen when looking at the unit and this makes the bookcase suitable for more frequented areas of the home such as dining rooms and living...
Usual Price £399
Only £249.00

5 (2)

Maiden Oak Painted Small Bookcase
Create a space for books, CDs and DVDs with the artful Maiden Oak Painted Small Bookcase. The furniture?s combination of a natural oak top and painted structure creates a country theme that works perfectly in traditional settings, while matching pieces will take the look even further to the dining room and bedrooms.
Usual Price £249
Only £149.00

Maiden Oak Small Bookcase
The Maiden Oak Small Bookcase features three compartments for the storage of books. Its chunky features and natural appearance make it the ideal bookcase for traditional settings, while the compact design will mean smaller homes will benefit best. The top of the unit can be used for displaying accessories or a house plant ? depending on your personal tastes and setup at home.All in all, this small...
Usual Price £249
Only £149.00
Malmo Bookcase WN210
The Malmo Bookcase provides four shelves with the base of the unit making up a fourth. And with plenty of room to store books and DVDs, it’s easy to declutter your office and keep a dedicated spot for different reading materials. The bookcase itself has been manufactured using high quality oak and oak veneers are applied to give the unit a stronger overall structure.The wood’s natural graining...
Usual Price £769
Only £615.00

Nathan Classic Low Bookcase With Doors 6444
The Classic Low Bookcase with Doors combines shelf storage with a couple of drawers. This bookcase is more of a multi-functional cabinet that can be used to display accessories, store books or keep the clutter at bay. The unit has been made using solid timbers and high quality veneers – the latter providing a more consistent finish and a stronger overall structure.Matching furniture from Nathan’s...
Usual Price £818
Only £649.00
Nathan Classic Low Open Bookcase 6454
The Nathan Low Open Bookcase comes with an adjustable shelf and two drawers for additional storage around the home. While it’s easy to use this unit for storing books, you can also use your bookcase to showcase accessories and display personal items. Its handy size will also mean you can use the top of the unit for accessorising purposes.The unit itself has been made from solid timbers and high quality...
Usual Price £656
Only £525.00

New England Bookcase
The New England Standard Bookcase from Stag Furniture provides storage for books, CDs and DVDs. Its handy shelves mean you’ll have ample room for all of this without taking up too much space, and a clear top can be utilised for additional accessories such as flowers or lamps for a more personal look in the home.Whether you’ll be furnishing the living, dining room or office with your new bookcase,...
RRP £879
Only £699.00
Oakley Rustic Narrow Bookcase
The Oakley Rustic Narrow Bookcase is utilised for its practical design in smaller homes. The narrow appearance takes up little floor space and a handy top provides a spot for accessories or house plants, while three sections are shelved for the storage of books. This small piece will make an unimposing addition to any home – but will bring with it the charm of natural materials.The bookcase itself...
Usual Price £255
Only £179.00

Oakley Rustic Small Bookcase
The Oakley Rustic Small Bookcase contains three sections for the easy storage of books, DVDs and CDs. Its rustic appearance will work well in country homes and traditional settings, although the practical design would not look out of place in modern abodes with one or two accessories – and the low-down top allows you to add these easily.The bookcase itself has been made from oak and subtle features...
Usual Price £385
Only £269.00
Regal Oak 3 Shelf Unit
The reputable Regal Oak range has been carefully designed to provide a new and modern take on oak furniture. Its wooden material has not only been selected for its colour and grain, but the natural oil finish really enhances the natural qualities that you would expect from such a range.The collection’s timeless appeal makes it ideal for modern, contemporary and traditional homes.
Usual Price £165
Only £115.00

Stag Cromwell Small Bookcase
The Cromwell Small Bookcase from TCH and Stag Furniture offers excellent storage with a small design that will fit into most settings. Its painted colour comes in a variety of finishes – as does the top – giving you an opportunity to easily customise your new bookcase. The fairly low-down design means you can use the top of the bookcase to show off accessories and accent the furniture.Matching...
RRP £835
Only £665.00
Trent Low Bookcase 2 Drawers
The Trent Low Bookcase with Two Drawers has four sections assembled in a window design ? maximising storage and helping to organise your books and accessories. Two drawers at the base of the unit provide additional storage for smaller items, while a low height means you can use the top of the unit for housing a plant or two.The bookcase itself has been made from selected oak wood and the timber?s graining...
Usual Price £399
Only £319.00

Trent Low Bookcase with 1 Drawer
The Trent Low Bookcase with One Drawer is similar to a lamp table and can easily work around smaller homes and seating arrangements. Its single drawer allows for the storage of smaller items, while the low height offers the perfect spot for an accessory. With it being easy to accent your existing furniture, we recommend placing the low bookcase in living rooms, dining rooms, offices and studies.The...
Usual Price £275
Only £225.00

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Woodley Painted Small Narrow Bookcase
The Woodley Painted Small Narrow Bookcase is perfect for small studies or living rooms. Usually combined with other items from the same range, this bookcase offers a cool dove grey finish and natural oak top – a contemporary combination that will work well in modern settings. The shelves themselves offer all you need for a small collection of books, CDs or DVDs.Features:Material: oak, oak veneer,...
Usual Price £245
Only £149.00

Woodley Painted Small Wide Bookcase
The Woodley Painted Small Wide Bookcase is great for living rooms and studies. And whether you’re using this bookcase to store books, CDs or DVDs, its stylish dove grey finish and light oak top will always provide an abundance of style.Features:Material: oak, oak veneer, pine, MDF, plywoodFinish: dove greyTop: oakMetal ball bearing runners on drawersChrome handles
Usual Price £389
Only £239.00

4 (1)

Woodley Small Narrow Bookcase
The Woodley Small Narrow Bookcase is perfect for maximising the space used around the home – easily slotting into the nooks and crannies of your home office or living room. Its neat design features three sections for books, DVDs and stackable items, while the low-down top provides a spot for accessories or a house plant.The bookcase itself has been manufactured from solid oak and oak veneers are...
Usual Price £245
Only £149.00

5 (1)

Woodley Small Wide Bookcase
The Woodley Small Wide Bookcase has been made to suit both larger and smaller homes. Three shelving sections allow you to easily store your books and DVDs, while the top of the bookcase can offer up a place to accent your furniture with ornaments and the like. Tapered legs and a lighter colour of wood give the bookcase a more contemporary appearance.The bookcase itself has been manufactured from solid...
Usual Price £389
Only £239.00

4 (1)