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Nathan Classic 4-Drawer Mid Storage Unit - 4444
This classic storage unit blends a timeless design with plenty of space to help you keep clutter to a minimum. The teak material stands out as the eye-catching feature among Nathan’s Classic collection, although much can be said about the Jacobean-style door fronts that adorn this storage unit; class, sophistication and quality craftsmanship all come to mind when examining the finer details across...
Usual Price £1,299
Only £1,039.00
Nathan Shades Oak Shaped 2 door sideboard - 1905
We love this Two Door Sideboard from Nathan’s Shades Oak collection for its understated design and range of features. Soft close drawers, adjustable shelves, a removable cutlery tray and concealed handles create a streamlined look while also offering everything you need in a storage unit. Crafted from solid oak and oak veneers.
Usual Price £1,299
Only £1,039.00

Nathan Shades Oak Shaped 3 door sideboard - 1815
You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a timeless oak design that shows off the wood’s finer features. However, if you’ve also come in search of a practical storage unit you won’t be disappointed; soft close drawers, concealed handles, and a removable cutlery tray are all great features to take your dining room to the next level.
Usual Price £1,599
Only £1,279.00
Nathan Shades Oak Shaped 4 door sideboard - 1805
The largest sideboard from our Nathan Shades Oak collection, this piece will fulfil all your storage needs while packing a punch when it comes to style. Removable shelves, a cutlery tray and double width centre drawer make this piece a great choice for those needing multi-storage.
Usual Price £1,899
Only £1,519.00