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Nova Coffee Table
The Nova Coffee Table has a distinctive faux concrete top and stainless steel legs, which combine to showcase the Nova’s industrial popular industrial look. The coffee table itself will work well among modern settings if you’re looking to instil a statement look, while matching furniture from the range as a whole will create a more flowing interior design.Living room tables from the Nova collection...
Usual Price £355
Only £225.00
Nova Revolving Slab Coffee Table
The Nova Revolving Coffee Table has a unique function that will add additional table space to your living room quickly. The revolving faux concrete slab is as much a talking point as it is a practical aspect of the furniture, although a combination of walnut veneer and faux concrete provides a beautiful industrial feel that’s sure to impress.Matching furniture in the form of living room tables will...
Usual Price £509
Only £349.00

Nova 135cm Dining Table
The Nova 135cm Dining Table is a fixed option that will add a statement touch to your home. The contemporary, industrial feel is an ode to the faux concrete and stainless steel combination, which is easy to add colour to through accessories and matching furniture. The table itself will suit smaller settings but will work well in any modern abode.Various dining chairs will work well with this design...
Usual Price £529
Only £325.00
Nova Bar Table
The Nova Bar Table is a great way to add another dining area to your kitchen or dining room. The bar table is commonly used to offer a convenient spot for a quick bite to eat, although they’re best utilised when you have the space to do so. The table itself has a faux concrete top and stainless steel support, tying in with the industrial style that’s becoming popular among modern homeowners.Matching...
Usual Price £419
Only £275.00

Nova Bench
The Nova Bench has been designed to sit alongside one of the range’s dining tables, although we can see this working almost anywhere in the home; as a hall bench, dining room seating or a statement accessory in the living room. The options are endless. In regards to the bench itself, it has an industrial style that combines cotton fabric with stainless steel legs – giving off a stripped back feel...
Usual Price £389
Only £225.00
Nova Corner Desk
The Nova Corner Desk epitomises contemporary design with its open shelving and mix of modern materials. Faux concrete, walnut veneers and stainless steel support combine to exude an industrial look and feel, while the function desk top will provide additional working space for offices and studies. The corner-fitting design will also help to save space for those with smaller rooms to work with.Matching...
Usual Price £649
Only £399.00

Nova Corner Sofa + Bench+ 135cm Dining Table Set
The Nova Bench, Corner Sofa and 135cm Dining Table combination is a great way to add something different to your home. Its diner-style appearance will work well in contemporary and modern homes, while the faux concrete table and stainless steel framework ties in with the on-trend industrial vibe. The bench and corner sofa are upholstered in a cotton fabric and will provide good support when using.Dimensions:Bench:...
Usual Price £2,133
Only £1,199.00
Nova Lamp Table
The Nova Lamp Table is a simple piece that will sit well beside modern sofas and furniture suites. Its faux concrete top provides the perfect platform for lamps, accessories and personal items, while the stainless steel legs give the lamp table a striking industrial feel. Other living room tables from the same range will help to accent your furniture, although the lamp table can be bought on its own...
Usual Price £255
Only £175.00

Nova Narrow Sideboard
The Nova Narrow Sideboard will work well as statement storage for your dining or living room. Its faux concrete top and stainless steel legs give the sideboard a modern industrial feel, while the walnut veneers add a natural touch that’s sure to catch the eye. A larger sideboard is available but this narrow version will suit smaller homes where you’re limited on space.Matching furniture from the...
Usual Price £595
Only £399.00
Nova Office Desk
The Nova Office Desk provides a stripped back industrial feel that will work well in a number of different study settings. Its stainless steel legs and faux concrete top combine to offer a practical worktop, while walnut veneers are applied to drawers for multi-functional storage. The desk can be combined with the Oscar Dining Chair or one of our many office chairs.Matching furniture will complement...
Usual Price £735
Only £475.00

Nova Wide Sideboard
The Nova Wide Sideboard combines a faux concrete top with walnut veneers and stainless steel legs. Statement storage is becoming more popular as the year goes on, and this industrial style is likely to catch the eye as well as serve a practical function. The spacious interior will allow you to store away dining room essentials.Matching furniture from the Nova collection will help to create a statement...
Usual Price £875
Only £575.00
Nova Display Wide Sideboard
The Nova Display Wide Sideboard combines substance with style in what is a fabulous display of modern industrial design. The sideboard’s faux concrete top and stainless steel legs are juxtaposed by the natural-seeming walnut veneer panels. All in all, this mixture of materials offers a contemporary feel that’s sure to please modern homeowners.Matching dining room furniture will help you to tie...
Usual Price £965
Only £599.00

Nova Corner Sofa
The Nova Corner Sofa is an interesting piece that isn’t like anything else we have on the website. The stainless steel legs provide support to a comfortable seating area, which can be ordered in either a left-hand-facing or right-hand-facing setup. While you may not want to place this sofa in your living room, the sofa has been designed to sit alongside your dining table as an alternative seating...
Usual Price £1,215
Only £699.00
Nova Tall Bookcase
The Nova Tall Bookcase brings together an alternative look with exceptional storage. The disjointed shelving is becoming more popular among modern homeowners, although this style does not detract from the piece’s functional purpose. A faux concrete border and walnut veneer shelves combine to provide an industrial look and feel – ideal for contemporary settings.Matching furniture and storage will...
Usual Price £929
Only £599.00

Nova Tv Unit
The Nova TV Unit would make a welcome addition to any living room setup. Its walnut-veneered front is contrasted by a faux concrete top and stainless steel legs, which give the unit an industrial feel overall. The TV unit serves its purpose for housing media and DVD players, with a cut-out hole at the back allowing you to pass through unsightly cables.Matching furniture from the Nova collection will...
Usual Price £615
Only £399.00
Nova 160cm Dining Table
The Nova 160cm Dining Table will work well in modern, contemporary homes that need a statement piece to bring them to life. The industrial feel of the faux concrete table top and stainless steel legs exudes class, although the stripped back look doesn’t overload the eye from a style point of view.In terms of dining chair, we’ve picked out the Oscar to help add texture to the set as a whole. And...
Usual Price £625
Only £399.00

Nova 200cm Dining Table
The Nova 200cm Dining Table has a sleek industrial design that will tie in with modern and contemporary settings. A faux concrete top is combined with stainless steel legs, providing a stripped back look that’s sure to draw the eye. Many of our customers add texture to this dining table through the combination of quirky dining chairs, as well as various accessories.Matching furniture from the Nova...
Usual Price £679
Only £449.00
Usual Price £685
Only £449.00

Nova 140cm Walnut Extending Dining Table
The Nova 140-180cm Walnut Extending Dining Table is for those who like the industrial style but would prefer an alternative to the faux concrete dining tables also in this range. The walnut-veneered table top and support connect to a stainless steel base, while an easy-to-use extending mechanism allows you to accommodate guests when needed.We have a range of dining chairs that will suit this table,...
Usual Price £1,049
Only £699.00
Nova 160cm Concrete Extendining Table
The Nova 160-220cm Extending Dining Table has a unique design that’s sure to catch the eye. Its industrial style is formed of faux concrete and a stainless steel plinth, with an easy-to-use extension mechanism allowing you to accommodate guests when needed. This statement piece will work best in contemporary settings where you’re looking to add an industrial touch, although the neutral colour means...
Usual Price £895
Only £599.00