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Provence 150cm Bed with Low End FootboardProvence 150cm Bed with Low End Footboard
Provence 150cm Bed with Low End Footboard
The Provence King Size Bedstead offers exceptional support and a beautiful French-inspired style that’s sure to catch the eye. Its upholstered headboard has been fashioned in a neutral colour to sit easily within most styles of setting, while the white-washed weathered oak offers a natural feel to what is otherwise an attractive piece of furniture.The bedstead will accommodate all types of mattress....
Usual Price £1,265
Only £695.00
Provence 135cm Bed with Low End FootboardProvence 135cm Bed with Low End Footboard
Provence 135cm Bed with Low End Footboard
The Provence 4ft6 Bedstead has an upholstered headboard that will tie in beautifully with various styles of setting. Its wooden structure has been made from white-washed weathered oak and the bed’s artful features, such as the carved legs and frame, offer a distinctly French-inspired appearance. The bed’s slats will accommodate any type of mattress and can be paired with any from our collection.Matching...
Usual Price £1,225
Only £669.00

Provence 180cm Bed with Low End FootboardProvence 180cm Bed with Low End Footboard
Provence 180cm Bed with Low End Footboard
The Provence Super King Size Bedstead is the largest from our collection and will suit larger bedrooms best. Its larger size will offer extra space for two sleepers – ideal for couple’s who have the space to accommodate a super king size bedstead. The bed itself has been fashioned from white-washed weathered oak.Matching furniture from the Provence range will help to fulfil your storage needs as...
Usual Price £1,385
Only £759.00
Provence 3 Door Robe
Provence 3 Door Robe
The Provence Three Drawer Wardrobe is the largest from our collection of the same name and offers two drawers as well as plenty of hanging space. The curved legs and cast metal black handles give the wardrobe a French-inspired look that will work well in various traditional and modern settings. The wardrobe itself is best suited to larger bedrooms, although there’s a smaller double that’s more...
Usual Price £2,065
Only £1,135.00

Provence 3 Drawer BedsideProvence 3 Drawer Bedside
Provence 3 Drawer Bedside
The Provence Three Drawer Bedside offers exceptional bedside storage. Its ornate design has been inspired by French influences, and this beautiful style stems to the carved legs and black cast metal handles. And to bring all of these features together, each piece from the Provence range has been made from weathered oak – which has been completed in a white wash finish.Matching furniture will help...
Usual Price £365
Only £199.00
Provence Dressing TableProvence Dressing Table
Provence Dressing Table
The Provence Dressing Table is an ornate piece that will tie in well with French-inspired furniture and other pieces from the Provence collection. The design features three drawers, with one at either side, and a longer, segmented drawer in the middle of the unit. These are complemented by black metal cast handles and artfully curved legs – all features combining to provide substance as well as style.A...
Usual Price £675
Only £369.00

Provence StoolProvence Stool
Provence Stool
The Provence Stool is ideal for giving your morning routine a good dose of comfort. The cushioned seat offers excellent support for the user, although the eye-catching legs are why many of our customers choose the Provence over others. These carved, curved legs have been inspired by 18th Century French design, and the white-washed, weathered oak ties into the tradition of the furniture’s style.When...
Usual Price £215
Only £115.00
Provence Trinket MirrorProvence Trinket Mirror
Provence Trinket Mirror
The Provence Trinket Mirror has been crafted in a traditional design that features hinged mirrors as well as a central pane. The mirror is supported by a width-spanning plinth and this fits easily on top of the dressing table from the same range, although will suit various styles of setting. The trinket mirror has been fashioned from white-washed weathered oak, which gives the wood a lighter appearance...
Usual Price £215
Only £115.00

Provence 2 Over 3 ChestProvence 2 Over 3 Chest
Provence 2 Over 3 Chest
The Provence Two over Three Chest is all about function and style. Its five drawers offer plenty of space for folded articles of clothing, while the overall design has an eye-catching look that’s sure to go down well. The weathered oak from which the chest has been made is white washed, which gives the chest its lighter colour and unique look. However, curved legs and ornate black handles give the...
Usual Price £1,005
Only £549.00
Provence 2 Door Robe
Provence 2 Door Robe
The Provence Two Door Wardrobe offers plenty of hanging space for dresses, suits and other items of clothing. Drawer storage sits underneath the wardrobe’s hanging space, which offers additional space for folded items of clothing. However, it’s the eye-catching details and French influences that set this wardrobe apart from others you’ll find online, with curved legs and ornate handles offering...
Usual Price £1,405
Only £769.00

Provence 3 Drawer Chest
Provence 3 Drawer Chest
The Provence Three Drawer Chest offers homeowners an easy way to make the most of the space in their bedroom. Its three spacious drawers offer good storage for clothes and other bedroom bits, while the ornate look and feel will transform your living space into a French-inspired haven. The chest’s curved legs and black cast metal handles are where you’ll see French influences – and a clear top...
Usual Price £695
Only £379.00
Provence 6 Drawer ChestProvence 6 Drawer Chest
Provence 6 Drawer Chest
The Provence Six Drawer Chest offers three drawers adjacent to one another, with each one displaying a black metal cast handle and offering plenty of storage space. The clear top can be used to display accessories, and the neutral tone of the wood lends itself well to accent colours and ornaments. The chest has been fashioned from weathered oak and this has been finished with a white wash for a lighter...
Usual Price £1,005
Only £549.00

Provence BenchProvence Bench
Provence Bench
The Provence Bench is best utilised at the end of your bed. Its artful design takes inspiration from 18th Century French furniture and the upholstered seat will offer plenty of comfort when being used. A shelf sits at the bottom of the unit and can be used for storage of bedding or boxes – depending on your current requirements.Matching bedroom furniture can be sourced from our Provence collection...
Usual Price £385
Only £209.00
Provence Wall Mirror
Provence Wall Mirror
The Provence Wall Mirror features a distinctive curved look that not only serves to add a reflective surface to your home, but will also provide plenty of style in its own right. The mirror’s frame is slightly curved and ties in with the French influences you’ll see throughout the Provence range.Mirrors can help natural light fill a room more easily when placed opposite a window and reflective...
Usual Price £195
Only £105.00