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Silver Shelf Unit W/Straps
The Silver Shelf Unit with Straps offers open shelving for books, CDs and other items. You can also use the unit to help accessorise and accent your existing furniture, although the shelving unit itself has a statement appeal of its own. Leather features and metal handles add a military-style character to the unit, as well as a vintage feel that will work well in modern and contemporary settings.Matching...
Usual Price £275
Only £205.00
Silver Strapped Frame Mirror
The Silver Strapped Frame Mirror is a beautiful wall mirror that radiates a vintage feel and statement look. Its reflective mirror is lined by a leather strap and a metal frame completes the appearance. Leather corner straps tie everything together and the mirror itself will fit in with a variety of settings.We’d recommend adding this mirror to contemporary homes where statement pieces are likely...
Usual Price £225
Only £169.00

Silver 2 Drawer Trunk Table
The Silver Two Drawer Trunk Table is a statement piece that can be used as an alternative coffee table or simply as storage. Its two drawers provide an additional spot for smaller items but the trunk itself has a spacious interior for larger pieces. The leather handles and corners add character to the look and as well as storage, this trunk provides plenty of style. Metal latches and handles complete...
Usual Price £275
Only £205.00
Silver 2 Drawer Unit W/Straps
The Silver Two Drawer Unit with Straps is a quirky piece that will slot easily into contemporary settings. Its leather features and metal structure give the trunk an overall military-style look, although spacious drawers give you another storage option around the home. The drawer is fitted with authentic leather handles and a strap-styling for a truer appearance.Matching storage options are available...
Usual Price £219
Only £159.00

Silver 3 Drawer Trunk Chest
The Silver Three Drawer Trunk Chest is a statement piece that will work well with existing furniture and on its own. Leather features and handles give the trunk a smattering of character and a spacious chest – as well as drawers – give homeowners additional storage for larger items. Its authentic look is fashioned from leather, metal latches and handles – giving the chest a military-style look...
Usual Price £359
Only £269.00
Silver Set of Three Trunks with Straps
The Silver Set of Three Trunks with Straps will appease homeowners who want to implement a statement look throughout the home. Different sizes of trunk will suit different rooms, although all of which have the same functionality when it comes to storage. Spacious interiors make it easy to store away larger items in a stylish and vintage container.Leather features complete the style and small touches...
Usual Price £399
Only £299.00