Willis & Gambier Chantilly

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Willis & Gambier Chantilly Double Bed Rattan
The Chantilly Double Bed from Willis & Gambier is a beautiful piece that brings the French Renaissance to modern bedrooms. Gentle curves and soft lines showcase the elegance usually associated with this era, while exceptional quality in the crafting of dovetail joints and hand-carved details takes the furniture to the next level stylistically.The bed itself has been manufactured from solid birch...
RRP £1,019
Only £679.00
Willis & Gambier Chantilly 6 Drawer Tall Chest
The Chantilly Tall Chest from Willis & Gambier has six drawers for extra storage around the bedroom. While functional, this piece has also been beautifully made to match in with just about any interior design. A light colouring and French-inspired style form the chest’s attractive look, while dovetail joints, a gentle patina and carved details all provide a unique touch that’s sure to impress.Matching...
RRP £959
Only £635.00

Willis & Gambier Chantilly 7 Drawer Tall Boy
The Chantilly Tall Boy from Willis & Gambier will help to save space as well as add to your bedroom storage solution. Its multiple drawers offer various sizes of space in which to place clothes and smaller items, while a sophisticated structure offers unparalleled beauty. The French-inspired design features curved legs, a gentle patina and elegant lines – all of which are showcased with the help...
RRP £869
Only £579.00
Willis & Gambier Chantilly Bedside Table
The Chantilly Bedside Table from Willis & Gambier is a compact piece designed to sit alongside the Chantilly bedstead. Having said that, the table’s beautiful French-inspired look will work as a statement piece too. Its elegant curves and sound construction make the table ideal for sophisticated settings, while a light colour ties in well where neutrality is needed.The bedside table has a gentle...
RRP £289
Only £195.00

Willis & Gambier Chantilly Cheval Mirror
The Cheval Storage Mirror from Willis & Gambier will add flair to your bedroom setup. While handy for getting ready to leave, the reflective surface will help natural light reach the darker corners of your room, creating a light and airy atmosphere that’s sure to benefit homeowners. The style of the mirror takes inspiration from French Renaissance furniture, while a light paint colour will tie...
RRP £529
Only £349.00
Willis & Gambier Chantilly Double Wardrobe
The Chantilly Double Wardrobe is a must-have accessory when refurnishing your bedroom with Willis & Gambier’s era-defining range. The Chantilly collection has taken inspiration from the Renaissance period in France, while contemporary features provide a practical and more modern look. A gentle patina has been applied to create an aged effect but a light paint colour will match in with many styles...
RRP £1,649
Only £1,095.00

Willis & Gambier Chantilly Dressing Table
The Chantilly Dressing Table from Willis & Gambier is a simple piece that exudes French influences and an elegant style. Curved legs stand out as the eye-catching feature of this table, while two drawers offer effective storage of getting-ready-essentials. Usually combined with the stool and mirror from the same range, this dressing table has a light colouring that could also tie in well with other...
RRP £549
Only £365.00
Willis & Gambier Chantilly Dressing Table Mirror
The Chantilly Gallery Mirror offers additional storage to the dressing table of the same range, as well as a focal point for the set as a whole. Three mirrored surfaces allow for a multi-angled approach to getting ready, while an elegant design offers an eye-catching way to bring French influences to your bedroom.The light colouring is ideal for mix and matching with other furniture ranges among our...
RRP £239
Only £165.00

Willis & Gambier Chantilly Dressing Table Stool
The Chantilly Stool is a must-have if you’re planning to buy the dressing table from the same range. Its gentle curves show an artistic edge that’s iconic of the Willis & Gambier brand, while a cushioned seat offers exceptional comfort when getting ready to head out. The stool itself has been manufactured from solid birch wood, and a gentle patina emphasises the aged look and authentic style.The...
RRP £259
Only £175.00
Willis & Gambier Chantilly King Bed Rattan
The Chantilly King Size Bedstead from Willis & Gambier promises a Renaissance-inspired design and plenty of comfort. The bed’s beautiful features are all eye-catching in their own right, but combine to provide a sumptuously elegant style – one that includes expertly crafted dovetail joints and hand-carved details.Perhaps the most alluring feature of the bed is its gentle patina finish, while...
RRP £1,079
Only £715.00

Willis & Gambier Chantilly Ladies Wardrobe
The Chantilly Ladies Wardrobe provides an all-hanging space so you can easily store away garments, dresses and other clothes. Its spacious interior provides practicality to the bedroom but it’s the unique style that will catch your eye. Stemming from French Renaissance influences, the gentle curves and soft lines set this range apart from similar items of furniture.Willis & Gambier’s Chantilly...
RRP £1,429
Only £949.00
Willis & Gambier Chantilly Low 4 Drawer Chest
The Chantilly Four Drawer Low Chest offers practical storage and plenty of French-inspired charm. Soft curves and the expert craftsmanship exude elegance, while a solid birch structure and hand-carved features assure quality at every turn. Matching furniture offers the complete look but this chest of drawers is sure to fit the bill in various settings.The light colour has a neutral appeal while the...
RRP £679
Only £449.00

Willis & Gambier Chantilly Low 7 Drawer Wide Chest
The Chantilly Low Wide Chest has seven drawers for the versatile storage of clothes, accessories and anything you like to keep close by in the bedroom. But despite the chest’s functional attributes, it’s the elegant style and curved features that set this piece apart; whether it’s the sculpted legs or gentle patina – there’s something special for all tastes.The light colouring will fit in...
RRP £999
Only £665.00
Willis & Gambier Chantilly Super King Bed Rattan
The Chantilly Super King Size Bedstead from Willis & Gambier will turn any room into a relaxing haven for those who love their sleep. The French-inspired curves and legs give the bed its pedigree look, while a fundamentally sound construction has been expertly crafted by furniture professionals. Dovetail joints and hand-carved features form a sturdy structure and show off the bed’s most alluring...
RRP £1,169
Only £775.00