Woodley Bedroom

Woodley Bedroom

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Woodley StoolWoodley Stool
Woodley Stool
The Woodley Stool has been designed to sit alongside or underneath the dressing table of the same range. Its cushioned seat offers plenty of comfort when getting ready to head out, while a neutral colouring will tie in well with a wide range of furniture sets. The slim legs have a Scandinavian-inspired style that will work best in contemporary, modern settings.Matching furniture includes storage as...
Usual Price £185
Only £109.00
Woodley 135cm BedsteadWoodley 135cm Bedstead
Woodley 135cm Bedstead
The Woodley 135cm Bedstead accommodates standard double mattresses, which is our most popular size of bed. However, there is also a single and king size bedstead available if you’d prefer. Each bed is fitted with slats and these are suitable for all types of mattress, whereas the strong structure and neutral design is sure to stand the test of time.The bed itself has been inspired by Scandinavian...
Usual Price £805
Only £479.00

Woodley 150cm BedsteadWoodley 150cm Bedstead
Woodley 150cm Bedstead
The Woodley 150cm Bedstead will fit king size mattresses – ideal for providing maximum space for weary sleepers. This option is also the largest bedstead from our Woodley collection, although there are two smaller versions that will fit single and double size mattresses – in case you need to save on space.Matching furniture from the Woodley collection will help to complete the look, with chests...
Usual Price £845
Only £505.00
Woodley 90cm BedsteadWoodley 90cm Bedstead
Woodley 90cm Bedstead
The Woodley 90cm Bedstead will accommodate single sizes of mattress. Its slatted design is also suitable for all of the various types of mattress, so whether you prefer pocket sprung or memory foam mattresses, there’s no need to worry when buying from our Woodley collection. The bedstead itself has a neutral headboard that will tie in with a number of furniture sets.Matching furniture includes bedside...
Usual Price £505
Only £299.00

Woodley Extra Large Bedside ChestWoodley Extra Large Bedside Chest
Woodley Extra Large Bedside Chest
The Woodley Extra Large Bedside Cabinet is the largest bedside from our Woodley collection. Its spacious drawers and table top will accommodate smaller items as well as a bedside lamp. And while usually bought in pairs, there are three sizes of bedside to choose from – in case you have less space to play with or only need the one.Matching furniture will complete the look – and each piece has been...
Usual Price £299
Only £179.00
Woodley Small Bedside ChestWoodley Small Bedside Chest
Woodley Small Bedside Chest
The Woodley Small Bedside Table is the most compact version from our Woodley collection. However, the piece still manages to make use of three drawers and a spacious table top – which is ideal for lamps and personal items. The bedside table has been designed to fit in with smaller bedrooms, although would look equally suitable among larger sets of furniture.Matching furniture from the Woodley collection...
Usual Price £165
Only £99.00

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Woodley 3 Drawer ChestWoodley 3 Drawer Chest
Woodley 3 Drawer Chest
The Woodley Three Drawer Chest is a handy storage item for both smaller and larger bedrooms. Its three drawers are all the same size and provide ample space for folded clothes as well as other items, too. In addition to this, the chest is supplied with both wooden and metal handles, which gives you better control over the final look.There’s plenty of matching furniture if you’re hoping to complete...
Usual Price £525
Only £315.00
Woodley Large 3 Door WardrobeWoodley Large 3 Door Wardrobe
Woodley Large 3 Door Wardrobe
The Woodley Three Door Two Drawer Wardrobe is the largest from our Woodley collection. Its three doors contain ample amounts of all-hanging space, while two drawers offer room for foldable articles of clothing. Smaller wardrobes are also available if you’re tight on space, however, chests of drawers more than make up additional storage if needed.Wooden and metal handles are both supplied if you’re...
Usual Price £1,665
Only £999.00

Woodley Large Bedside ChestWoodley Large Bedside Chest
Woodley Large Bedside Chest
The Woodley Large Bedside is a great table that will add storage space as well as a spot for a lamp or personal effects. Its three drawers offer plenty of room for smaller items, while the table top itself provides a handy addition to modern bedsides. The piece itself has been inspired by Scandinavian interior design and will suit contemporary settings.There is a smaller and larger bedside cabinet...
Usual Price £255
Only £149.00

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Woodley 4 Drawer Narrow ChestWoodley 4 Drawer Narrow Chest
Woodley 4 Drawer Narrow Chest
The Woodley Four Drawer Narrow Chest is great for storing away jumpers and other smaller items of clothing. Its taller design will help to save on floor space, while four drawers provide ample room for typical bedroom storage. Other sizes of chest will accommodate various sizes of home, although the four drawer version is the most suitable if you’re lacking on floor space.Other items of matching...
Usual Price £505
Only £299.00

Woodley Jumbo 2 Over 3 ChestWoodley Jumbo 2 Over 3 Chest
Woodley Jumbo 2 Over 3 Chest
The Woodley Jumbo Two over Three Chest is a large piece of furniture that will accommodate all of your folded garments. Its top two drawers are slightly smaller and will help you to organise your clothes in a more practical way, whereas the three larger drawers offer ample room for other items. Wooden and metal handles are both supplied, allowing you to alter the final look.Matching furniture will...
Usual Price £845
Only £505.00

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Woodley Large 2 Door WardrobeWoodley Large 2 Door Wardrobe
Woodley Large 2 Door Wardrobe
The Woodley Large Two Door One Drawer Wardrobe has a single drawer and all-hanging space. This make-up means the wardrobe is suitable for folded clothes as well as all-hanging garments, whereas a larger triple wardrobe is available for those who have the space. The wardrobe itself has a Scandinavian-inspired design which is best suited to modern and contemporary settings.Matching furniture is available...
Usual Price £1,245
Only £745.00

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Woodley Trinket MirrorWoodley Trinket Mirror
Woodley Trinket Mirror
The Woodley Trinket Mirror is best suited to the accompanying dressing table and stool. Its hinged supports allow you to change the angle of the mirror, while the sturdy plinth offers plenty in the way of style and charm. The lighter wood colouring will work well among contemporary sets of furniture.Matching furniture is available if you’re looking to furnish your bedroom fully, although the mirror...
Usual Price £145
Only £85.00

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Woodley 2 Over 3 ChestWoodley 2 Over 3 Chest
Woodley 2 Over 3 Chest
The Woodley Two over Three Chest offers plenty of storage for various sizes of clothing. Its top two drawers are slightly smaller and will help to organise your clothes in a more practical way, while a clear top will provide the perfect spot for accessorising. The chest of drawers has a distinctly Scandinavian style that will suit modern homes as well as contemporary settings.Matching furniture will...
Usual Price £745
Only £445.00

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Woodley 6 Drawer ChestWoodley 6 Drawer Chest
Woodley 6 Drawer Chest
The Woodley Six Drawer Chest is the largest of the chests of drawers available from our Woodley collection. Its six spacious drawers offer maximum storage for folded clothes as well as other garments, while wardrobes from the same range will be more suitable for hanging clothes. A clear top offers a space for accessories as well as personal items.Matching furniture can be bought from our Woodley collection...
Usual Price £885
Only £529.00
Woodley Blanket BoxWoodley Blanket Box
Woodley Blanket Box
The Woodley Blanket Box is a simple piece that will work well in a variety of modern settings. It’s been designed to sit at the end of your bedstead, although you could easily use the blanket box elsewhere in the home. And the furniture’s spacious interior will provide ample space for bedding and other sheets.Matching furniture comes in the form of bedsteads, chests of drawers and other storage...
Usual Price £395
Only £235.00

Woodley Cheval MirrorWoodley Cheval Mirror
Woodley Cheval Mirror
The Woodley Cheval Mirror is the perfect addition to any larger bedroom. Its attractive design provides a full-length mirror for helping homeowners get ready, while a foldable backing makes the mirror easy to move around the home to where it’s needed. The light colouring of the wood is best suited to matching furniture from the same Woodley collection.
Usual Price £225
Only £135.00
Woodley Dressing TableWoodley Dressing Table
Woodley Dressing Table
The Woodley Dressing Table has three drawers and works best when buying the stool and mirror from the same range. Its slimline appearance ties in well with modern settings and handy storage helps to keep the clutter at bay when getting ready to head out. Both wooden and metal handles are supplied with the piece, which gives you better control over the dressing table’s subsequent look.Matching furniture...
Usual Price £465
Only £279.00

Woodley Full Hanging WardrobeWoodley Full Hanging Wardrobe
Woodley Full Hanging Wardrobe
The Woodley Full Hanging Wardrobe offers maximum room for hanging clothes. Its compact design also makes the wardrobe suitable for smaller settings, while a larger triple wardrobe offers a handy alternative for those with larger rooms. The wardrobe is also supplier with both metal and wooden handles, which will help you to alter the look to how you like it best.Matching furniture and alternative wardrobes...
Usual Price £885
Only £529.00