Bed sheets are a staple in every bed; they’re mostly simple, non-decorative but undergo the heaviest use out of any bedding component – so it’s one you want to get right. If you’ve tried to buy bed sheets, however, you’ve probably been confronted with the uncertainty of which sheet would be best for your bed. So, to help, we’re covering the two most popular choices and the differences between them.

Fitted Sheets

These are the most common sheet type, as they have elasticated corners that are designed to fit snugly over the corners of a mattress. This type of sheet is low maintenance and usually preferred because it stays fixed in place during the night and the elasticated corners ensure a smoother sleeping surface.

Flat Sheets

These are large rectangular pieces of cloth that hang loose over the ends of the mattress. The ends can then be tucked in to form your bottom sheet; although some prefer to use them in place of a duvet during the warm summer months. They are not elasticated but tend to hang down further than typical fitted sheets.

Some people also use flat sheets in addition to a fitted sheet; the former acting as a light blanket or comfortable barrier between the bedding and sleeper, while the latter sits between the sleeper and mattress.

Which is Better?

Generally speaking, fitted are more popular because of their low-maintenance design and suitability for the job. Many people prefer fitted because they’re less likely to move or “bunch up” during the night. Having said that, some prefer the visual appearance of flat sheets or use these instead of duvets during warmer months. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference but fitted are great for general use and when efficiency plays an important part in your decision.